9 Things to Consider Before Getting Started To Game Development Process

September 21, 2020

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Considering the continuous increase in smartphone users and emerging scope for the gaming industry, the game developers in India are coming up with thousands of mobile gaming applications every day. However, only 10-20% of those gaming mobile applications are getting the desired results. The rest are only able to hit 2-5% of the gaming market.

The big question is; why is it so? What is the problem and where is it coming from? Well! The reasons for the low performance of a gaming application in the market vary from developer to developer. There could be numerous reasons such as lack of market research, lack of high-definition graphics, poor planning and strategies, average-quality content, copied content, and many more. However, the most common reason for the failure of a gaming application in the market is poor planning and strategies.

As a developer, before getting started to develop a mobile game, you need to consider so many things such as market trend, scope, trendy technologies, competitions, previous records, your budget, etc. If you ignore these things or not appropriately prepare your planning and strategies, then there is zero chance of success. You cannot expect even to get your investment back within one year of launching your gaming application. Therefore, the pre-production or pre-planning stage of game development is very important as it forms either the success or failure of a mobile game.

Things To Consider

In this blog, you will learn about a few things that are very important to be considered before starting the game development process. Here are those:

Come Up With a Unique Idea

The journey of game development starts with an idea, and this is the most important stage. If your idea is unique and on-demand, then you can easily develop a high-demand mobile game. Think out of the box and think like a gamer, not a developer, you will come around so many amazing gaming ideas. If you think that your idea has a point, then proceed further. Make sure you do not copy other games. It won’t effectively work for you.

Conduct Market Research

To know whether or not your gaming idea has market potential, you need to conduct market research. The best way to do market research is to analyze the performance of your competitors. Check out what their games consist of, how they are performing in the market, and how many thousands or millions of downloads do they have. Check out their ratings, reviews, and gamers’ views. Apart from these, you can conduct online surveys, face-to-face interviews, and purchase the data from gaming websites and search engines to know the interest and preferences of gamers. Doing so will help you determine the market potential of your game development idea.

Set Targets

Setting up a target is very important for the timely completion of the game development project. You need to make a schedule for every task you will be going to perform during the game development process. It will help in keeping the development process running smoothly and seamlessly and completing it by the deadline.

Prepare a Unique Gaming Concept

The gaming concept refers to the story of a game. Once your idea is ready and market research is complete, proceed further to prepare a unique, interesting, and challenging game concept. Make sure you appropriately design it as it is the main body of a mobile game.

Planning and Strategy Making

It is one of the most crucial stages of the game development process because the whole process depends on it. So, do not hurry, take time to prepare your strategies and make sure the whole process will go according to your strategies.

Use Trendy Technologies

Technology is rapidly changing day-by-day. If today you are using a particular technology to develop your gaming application, it may be possible that it disappears in the coming year. If it happens, then you will certainly lose your customers. Therefore, think of ahead and use those gaming technologies that are trendy or will dominate the market in the coming years.

Develop It For All Operating Systems

To access the large size of the market, it is very important to develop your mobile game for all the operating systems that include Android, iOS, and Windows. So, prepare different interfaces for different operating systems. Doing so will provide you with reach to maximum gamers.

Use High-Definition Graphics and High-Resolution Visuals

This is an era where the technology is at its peak. Every game developer is serving HD quality 3D graphics and visuals in their games. If you do not want to lag behind from them, then you need to use high-definition 3D graphics and high-resolution visuals in your game. It will grab the attention of more and more people and you will be having a broader market.

Focus on Designing UI and UX

UI and UX stands for Users Interface and Users Experience respectively. These two play a crucial role to attract and engage gamers. So, focus on designing the highest quality of UI and UX so that you can grab the attention of the gamers and keep them engaged.

These are some very important things you need to highly consider before getting started to the game development process. These will ensure the development of the highest quality gaming product that has a great scope and market potential.

About the Author Ranjit Singh is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at RV Technologies. In the past 10+ years, he has focused on helping clients to expand their business through the best digital solutions. Leading a team of 100+ employees, he knows how to implement the best market practices to transform a client’s business growth and help him achieve dedicated goals.

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