3 Horrible Mistakes To Avoid in a Mobile Website

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  • calendar Updated: October 20, 2015

From text-book knowledge to nearest restaurants, every static and real-time information is now availed in our hands in the form of Smart-phones. Since 2015, Mobiles have overtaken the desktops as the most accessed means for internet. So, here is what big wolves are doing to make your mobile as the link to internet of everything. Google’s ‘Google Now’ is already affecting lives with more organized real-time info every second. There much anticipated project AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) is gaining support from Twitter, Adobe, Pinterest and other big names. Mobilegeddon has already re-sorted mobile search results since April 2015 and more things will be curtained and unveiled in the near future.

So, the anatomy of making a perfect “friend of user” mobile website is still no sooner to be resolved. But knowing, what a mobile user want the most on your website, would make half the job done for you. The list is totally based on real analysis and you are totally welcomed to give your reviews about them or even add one, if you like.

· Platform Independence

Being a user, I hate when one of my favorite apps shall not be on my new phone with another OS. While, I like Android, but my respect to windows or iOS apps will always be the same as they run without any glitch. So, rather than wasting your money and time on making 3 different OS apps and rumbling with their database invariance. One must concentrate on developing a fast, reliable, sleek and functional mobile web-page. Making an app for every new website is a trend that is costly and not convenient in terms of user simplicity.

Though, apps like PhoneGap can work with limited but basic operations, but that will again portray a third-party as a hero and also, the user must be too fond of your business to turn on that App.

· Secured Transactions on-the-go

Payment cliches and transaction failures have irritated millions of users alone recently (of course, the big billion day sale will help the figure touch new highs). Users want to get rid of complex payment methods and want to pay just like they are paying an offline vendor with E2E security. So, try to use less intermediaries by signing up for a reliable and reflexive gateway, that can encapsulate all payment modes.

Banks like HDFC and tech giants like Wipro, Infosys are already deriving a payment procedure, which will undergo a process in a single environment and will not need a tertiary medium for payment success.

· Talk Business that matters

That’s a bit demoralizing but yes, till the time they don’t see a great offer flashing on screen for current deals or some sneak-peek matching to their interest, they won’t go further in your website.

For instance, BMS (Book my show) is displaying 10% percent discount for tickets on the very first look of their mobile website. They target to offer their customers tickets with less hustle and prices. Once the user starts using it frequently, he will tend to know more about BMS at that time and not now.

So, instead of placing a high-profile promotional content that looks completely one sided and inert. Use flashy offers, hot news and products on your first page that are appealing and click-able. According to Moz survey report of 2014, 70% of the user engagement on mobile is achieved through your first look only. So make it count.

I know there is much more insider stuff to push your mobile-web presence up to an ace level, but if you capitalize on these basic tactics. You can expect almost instant results, when it comes to indulging audience.

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