10 HIIT Workout Applications Propelling the Fitness Industry

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Are you a health and fitness freak and want to get into this sector by developing an app? If yes, then you are on the right path as people these days are trying to lose weight at home with the help of a stepwise training mobile app.

Working out on your own is indeed a struggle for many, and they do not have the time to go to a gym or that much money to hire a fitness trainer. In such situations, fitness app development is the solution that gets them going by helping them maintain the desired weight and shape.

Health and fitness sector has a vast scope of money-making. For it, you as a business owner need to research what will benefit the public’s health. Try to list trends and features that your target audience finds captivating and develop a fitness app accordingly.

The health and fitness sector is vast, but the niche worth considering and popular among the nation is high-intensity interval training, also called HIIT. The worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends 2021 ranks HIIT among the top 20 trends because it is supported by science and delivers results. And this niche has been constantly on top for many years.

What is HIIT?

HIIT training programs are very effective for people who have less time for exercise in their daily routine. Finding the right platform that suits you in today’s digitalized world is not effortless. In the ever-growing mobile app development world. HIIT involves 7-20 minute workouts with various exercises, each 60 seconds with a 5-second rest. You can choose your exercises and customize workouts depending on your time and goals.

Let us find the best HIIT workout apps in 2022 for all the fitness enthusiasts developed by some of the best mobile app development companies that make our lives easier. Also, what they did right to make an app a success.

Interval Timer – HIIT Training:

The interval timer is an app developed by Appxy, and it is the best and on the top of the HIIT training list. This application is free with an in-app purchase. It has a rating of 4.5/5 both on Android and iOS platforms, which shows how popular this application is among the public.

It looks like a stop-watch app as it tracks time if you are a new user, but it’s much more than that as you can track your workouts and breaks in between in the background or when the device is locked. Also, within the app, there is a customizable exercise option.

Reason for the success of the Interval Timer app

  • Easy access to people for customizing their workouts by adjusting frequency sets.
  • App has the option to record the idle time of the user.
  • The interval timer application has accessible features to pause and play to record time.
  • Even when the screen locks, the user will get an update about workout and rest timings with distraction to let you focus on your training.
  • App has the feature to record the low and high interval times.

You can find this application both in the play store and app store.


The next application that gained popularity is Keelo strength HIIT workouts, a masterpiece developed by an app development Company called Throwdown Labs, Inc developed. It is a free app with a paid version for premium users, i.e., about $13 per month. The upgraded application has access to extra workouts and coaching.

This app is available on iOS and Android platforms, with 4.8/5 in the app store and 4.6/5 in the play store. Keelo app has cardio, strength, and conditioning exercises to let users achieve the required goals.

According to the keelo app, you will see improvements within 2 weeks of the workout. The app gives you free access to 18 out of 900 workouts such as barbells, bodyweight, dumbbells Et. Cetera. The premium version of this app gives you access to all the 900 workouts, letting you create your personalized plans and more.

Reason for the success of the Keelo app

  • The Artificial Intelligence feature makes it a personalized training program.
  • You get the daily progress-tracking report to let users know about their fitness goals.
  • Users can connect to trainers within the app online to get coaching.
  • Real-time chat option to resolve queries.
  • HD instructional videos for users.

Keelo app stresses functional fitness and exercises by concentrating more on the strength and conditioning of the body. The daily workout session is about 20 minutes, including warm-up and stretching exercises. The app is simple and guides users in each step, as well as offers video demonstrations for all levels (basic, intermediate, and advanced levels).

Seven-7 Minute Workout:

The next application on the list is a seven-7 minute workout. The Perigee AB app development company offered it. It is free with in-app purchases of about $5 per month for membership. It has an Android rating of 4.4/5 and an iOS rating of 4.8/5.

The seven-7 minute mobile app has more than 200 workouts for people permitting them to customize 1000 variations. Each exercise is for 30 seconds with a ten-second rest in between. It is the ideal app for people with busy schedules and who cannot spend much time on fitness.

Reason for the success of the Seven-7 Minute Workout app:

  • Access to more than 200 exercises.
  • Gamification features to compete with other app users.
  • Expert trainer guidance if required.
  • 7-minute workout challenge daily.
  • Recommendations of exercises based on your workout goals.

Workout Trainer: Fitness Coach:

The workout trainer fitness coach is an app developed by Skimble Inc. fitness app development company. This application is Free with paid PRO+ membership. It has a rating of 4.3/5 on Android and 4.7/5 on iOS platforms.

This application has diverse workout options, from weight training to yoga exercises. The workouts have various instructions from trainers who guide you by sharing videos and audio tutorials to let users do the proper workout.

Reason for the success of the workout trainer fitness coach app:

  • Advanced HIIT exercises
  • Option to hire a live trainer for a proper workout
  • Wearable device integrations
  • Feedback of Heart-rate within the app

HIIT Down Dog:

HIIT down dog workout application is a creation of Yoga Buddhi Co; it focuses on yoga sessions. This mobile app is making waves as it has helped millions and continues to maintain fitness at home. You will get an idea of knowing the play store and app store ratings which are 4.9/5 and 4.8/5. It is freely available with in-app purchases on both Android and iOS platforms.

You can decide which part to focus on the lower body, upper body, and core exercises.

Reason for the success of the HIIT Down Dog app:

  • Users can focus on specific body parts.
  • High Definition videos with download options.
  • Intuitive and responsive User interface.
  • Wide range of music options.

Tabata HIIT Interval Timer:

Tabata HIIT Interval Timer has six different Tabata workouts in the free version, but you need a premium version if you require detailed statistics and custom Tabata sessions. Tabata was offered by Axiom Mobile and has a 4.5/5 rating on Android and a 4.6/5 rating on iOS platforms. It is available both in paid and free versions.

Tabata offers significant results in less time. Tabata sessions are short by about 4 minutes compared to other apps making it ideal for helping you squeeze in just 4 minutes and has fitness benefits. The exercise is for 20 minutes, followed by 10-second rest. Also, the app offers a simple interface having completed 8 rounds.

Reason for the success of the Tabata HIIT Interval Timer:

  • Users can Adjust the gym timer
  • Flexible workout schedule
  • Reminders to keep you updated about your workout
  • Calorie counter feature
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Choose your color theme

Workout For Women/ Weight Loss Fitness App by 7M:

The 7M Weight loss app was developed by workout apps and is on the top on the iOS platform. This app is free with an iOS rating of 4.8/5 and an Android rating of 4.6/5.

This mobile app offers female-tailored workouts and exercises to help them achieve their fitness goals such as reducing belly fat, being in ideal body shape Et. Cetera.

Reason for the success of the Tabata HIIT Interval Timer:

  • Women-tailored workout plans
  • 7-minute workout session
  • Audio/ video tutorials to help users
  • Beginner to advanced workout options
  • Workout plans for various body parts
  • 100% Free mobile with no hidden charges
  • Exercises without any workout equipment needed

Seconds Pro-Interval Timer:

The seconds pro interval timer app does not let you make excuses for burning out calories, but it is a paid version and works amazingly on your body. You can download this application on both platforms with an iOS rating of 4.8 and an android rating of 4.6 out of 5. It is offered by Runloop Ltd, having all the premium features.

Reason for the success of the seconds pro-interval timer:

  • Training templates
  • Text to the speech
  • Music integration
  • A feature to share timers with friends
  • You can run it in the background
  • Large and clear timer display


Freeletics is pleased by many fitness enthusiasts offered by Freeletics. It is free with in-app purchases option to enjoy premium features. It is popular due to its simple interface, workout without the need for gym tools, straightforward interface, etc.

It is considered Europe’s number one fitness application as it offers flexibility to work out anywhere and anytime. This app has around 42 million users worldwide, with iOS 4.6/5 and Android 4.2/5.

Reason for the success of the Freeletics app:

  • 24/7 support from trainers
  • 10-30 minutes workout plans
  • Users get access to set goals according to their requirements levels they
  • A comprehensive library of fitness articles
  • AI to personalize your workout plans
  • Spotify integration
  • Tracking your runs

The J&J Official 7 Minute Workout:

J &J fitness app is developed by Johnson & Johnson Health & Wellness Solutions Inc. It offers a blend of various features and fitness information. It is available worldwide in around 230 countries with an app store rating of 4.7/5 and a play store rating of 4.6/5.

Johnson & Johnson’s Official 7 Minute Workout app offers innovative training designed to aid people with increased results as before due to the latest exercises.

It is a free application having the latest fitness information technology workouts. It is a 7-minute workout with 12 different exercises of 30 seconds each with a 5-second rest in between. You can choose your exercises and customize your workout session. Some app exercises include high knees, abdominal exercises, jumping jacks, etc.

Reason for the success of the J&J official 7-minute workout app:

  • Workout and idleness reminders
  • Exercises ranging from 7-to 32 minutes
  • 72 High Dimension video tutorials
  • 72 exercises and 22 preset workouts
  • You can customize your workout plan


HIIT apps are popular among users these days, and it has been trendy for the past few years. We have assessed 10 different HIIT apps from well-known fitness companies in terms of fitness and free version to the paid version of each app. You get a choice to choose your workout, which is done in a short period letting you burn calories in hectic schedules.

Is it true that competition among various health and fitness apps is increasing, but still, there is a scope of variations in both android and iOS platforms as there are various exercises that are still untouched?

If you decide on building such an app, then have a detailed understanding of these top 10 apps and figure out what you can do to make your app unique (that your competitors failed to address) and popular among users that help kill two birds with one stone.

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