7 Mobile App trends that defined the pandemic altered 2021

May 31, 2021

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Over the past decade, mobile app development has witnessed an enormous evolution. Due to the ease of usage and us being increasingly reliant on mobile applications, mobile applications are becoming more popular with each passing day. People these days prefer using mobile phones rather than a desktop or laptop.

Mobile app development has gained a lot of momentum during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the time when the developers have the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills. As mobile phones have been rising, the mobile app is going through a constant and ongoing development phase. To improve people’s lives and save their precious time, App development company India have come up with new innovative ideas.

Let us take a look at the 7 mobile app trends that defined the pandemic altered 2021-

Artificial intelligence and mobile applications

Artificial intelligence is the new revolutionary trend of machine learning resulting in a far-reaching revolution in the way of new-age business. During this time of the pandemic, the mobile app developers and customers are looking forward to the intelligent conversations in the mobile applications. The requirements of the customers are ever-changing, artificial intelligence assists in the improved analysis of the trend of the users and serves customers with efficiency.

Covid 19 has ushered in the age of the digital revolution which was the need in recent times. Businesses across the globe have been transitioning to the digital medium so that they can interact with the clients and customers during the lockdown, and keep the business going even during these times.

AI has allowed mobile apps to provide services such as Banking, retail, healthcare, food delivery, finance and more to provide a better user experience. The mobile app development industry is permitted by AI across various industries to offer numerous innovations to bolster security, deliver a personalized experience, and keep the efficiency intact promoting intelligent interactions. Mobile app development companies India have been continuously looking for ways to incorporate Artificial intelligence in mobile applications.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Mobile applications such as eCommerce, healthcare, real estate, automotive, retail and education domains when integrated with AR and VR provide the user with a superior experience to the customers. The internet these days has become extremely fast, drastically improving the loading time and enhancing the user experience for AR and VR applications. The pandemic has increased people’s interest in playing videos using the VR headset. Since most people have been limited to spending their time at home, VR is becoming a major source of entertainment for many people. People can partake in virtual tourism and online entertainment with the help of Virtual reality.

To train the employees, businesses have been experimenting with AR and VR as well. They can now connect with the employees virtually to train them, hold conferences with them, and collaborate with them easily.

Cloud computing

People already know about cloud computing for a long time now, but in the pandemic, it has proved to be really beneficial, since it has access to remote servers and can store a large amount of data without affecting the storage of the device. Post the Covid period, cloud computing is set to be implemented across more of the devices across all platforms.

Due to the lockdown, people have been forced to work from home and various online learning models have been implemented. Due to this, the demand for video-based conferencing on the cloud and teaching has skyrocketed. Millions of people choose to store their data on the cloud. It does not take up a lot of space on the device and is more secure. As time passes, cloud computing is set to grow even further. More and more businesses have been preferring cloud computing.

5G connectivity

5G is not an enhanced and upgraded version of the previous 4G connectivity that is popular now. It is an entirely latest infrastructure of the network. It has been circulating over the past year but is not widely available yet. It is next-gen connectivity offering a lot of potential. Due to the Covid-19, the demand for 5G connectivity has risen exponentially. A large number of people have been forced to work from their homes and online learning has been implemented for the students which has created a higher demand for bandwidth. There is a need for faster data sharing and increased connectivity speeds.


More businesses are now inclined towards creating M-commerce applications to provide their customers with the best services. It is a smart decision to use the Ar and chatbots to improve the user’s experience in M-commerce applications. During the Covid-19 people have switched to mobile stores for shopping to ensure that they do not have to go out.


During covid, people have realised that it is better to use the M-wallets rather than cash transactions, Mobile app developers India, have created some really good M-wallet applications.

Beacon technology

Beacon is a wireless device that is connected through Bluetooth and used to transfer data through the devices. During the COvid phase, the need for Beacon technology has surfaced.

Concluding thoughts

These were the seven app development trends in the pandemic altered 2021. This would help businesses understand how the pandemic changed the app development market and what is the requirement of the customers.

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