Why Indian developers are always the First Choice for App Development?

November 22, 2018

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App development is what every business wants nowadays. It has become the bridge of the physical world. It has become the digital portal of every user. Thus, the future of mobile is the future of the online market and the future of how people are accessing content online. Mobile app development has become itself a development industry. Mobile apps not only have the potential for generating revenue, driving traffic but also increases users expectations. Users now want to access all the services via their own mobile device. Mobile has become the digital transformation of today’s era. More than anything else the mobile phone has become the prerequisite digital device that users love to use. The business entrepreneur, as well as big brands, are moving towards app development and hiring mobile application developers. Be it for in-house or outsourcing developers for development.

In-house Mobile development:

When it comes to hiring an in-house developer for developing interesting apps for you by implementing the latest technologies and also implements creativity with a vision of doing something unique, or we can say out of the box thinker will be great for your business. The developer will be with your organization knowing all the information regarding the application and works on improving the functionality of your app giving you ahead.

Outsourcing to the mobile development team:

Moreover, outsourcing your development services to a mobile application developer, India will help you to get the best-featured app while implementing the cost-effective approach. It is the cheapest, accountable and simple approach to get your job done. As outsourcing agencies utilize a customer-centric approach, if you are outsourcing the project you just have to give the time limit and all your project will be done according to your preference as well the requirements about customization of your mobile application. The in-house mobile application lacks some disadvantages in some aspects as it lacks the project duration, money wastage as well filling the gap when the developers leave the organization. Above all the hired team of experienced professionals from the top mobile application development companies will provide you on time quality projects to their high-level expertise.

But the question here arises how to find the best mobile development team and from where?

There are three cost-effective places for you to develop mobile applications which is Poland, the Philippines, and India. The major players to develop innovative new technology apps with quality features according to your idea, customization, and layouts which are also known as UI are Indian developers. Here, the question arises why Indian mobile application developers are popular to develop quality applications by implementing quality apps be it gaming or any other e-commerce, and online service application like Uber, Zomato and Yelp clone app, Indian developers can develop your plans or we can say idea into reality.

India Hub of application development?

When we talk about hiring the development team, in other words, we can say outsourcing a project all that comes in mind is Indian developers. The major reason behind this is the workforce population in India is more and majorly skilled available at cheap rates. NASSCOM i.e National Association of Software & Service Companies report, states that almost half of all the Fortune 500 companies have chosen Indian companies to outsource software development projects. 

If you are hiring Indian Developers you will get benefits in many ways:

  • Cost effective development:

Mobile application development cost in India is less costly than any other country. This is the most obvious reason why people outsource Indian developers. As India has cost-effective development schemes and a talented pool of developers who are hired at extremely low prices. This help companies to reduce their development cost and increase the price.


Hourly Rates of Mobile Developers


Many companies save time on hiring or we can say outsourcing Indian developers for quality development in cost-effective price.

  • Elimination of excess development time:

If you are outsourcing mobile developers you can provide timeliness of a project and all the development team will work around the clock to deliever the project on time. Moreover, if you want to see your work is going properly or not you can get real-time updates about the work that they have done.

  • State of the art technology:

Due to the constantly developing field of mobile application development and advanced technologies that are evolving day by day, it becomes a little bit difficult for an organization to be updated with the latest technology invention and buy a license of the software. The advantage of outsourcing to an Indian application development company. You will get head to the updated, cutting-edge technology and software to get your app developed in new technology.

  • A talented pool of developers:

In-house development of a project leads to various different challenges that you haven’t even thought. Mobile app development is highly in demand and constantly evolving with advancement with new ideas, thus being a highly technical field will require talented and skilled developers and India, is a hub of skilled developers. The mobile app developers will get your task done according to your requirements be in Android, iOS, and Windows app development. However, they are expert in their field.

  • Knowledge of mobile enterprise application platform:

The aim of developers is to develop a seamless mobile application on various different platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. Indian developers continue to enhance their skills while working on different platforms and provides quality work with innovative features. which mainly inspire companies to outsource their project offshore.

  • More options of outsourcing:

Due to advancement in technology development of the mobile apps is growing. Moreover, India has a high population of skilled developers. Many Indian companies have a large team to cater to the demand of the clients. This provides a client to have plenty of outsourcing options in India according to their flexibility of work.

  • 24/7 support:

Due to the difference in time zones, other countries have the advantage to have their work done on time. As developers work 24/7 and also provides the support whenever required regarding the ongoing project. It also helps in building a long-term business relationship, long-term maintenance services with the companies. 

  • Better UX experience:

Many companies go for building complex apps that are complex for the users to use and hence fails. However, providing a better user experience is what that matters and is important for every mobile app development companies. Indian application developers are well-versed with the advanced technology and different platforms. They have in-depth knowledge of their domain and extended focus on creating innovative apps.

  • Favorable government support and policies:

The Indian government offer 100% foreign equity and back the IT development. Development in India under the IT Act 2000 has the largest investment in the domain and has helped in becoming India an outsourcing destination to outsiders. Therefore, Indian has built high-tech IT parks with the best technologies.

  • Innovation:

Novelty has a huge value when you are outsourcing your project. As you will then prefer innovation with an easy user interface. Majority of the companies as we can say around 35% wants new innovative outcomes when they outsource and Indian developers strive that creativity.

Wrapping up

There are a lot of benefits of hiring Indian mobile app development companies to transform your idea into reality and making it a novelty app. As now all the businesses have realized the fact of going in a mobile way. Hence, outsourcing mobile development companies will help them to get the project in time and also gets the advantage of low cost with quality work.

About the Author Ranjit Singh is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at RV Technologies. In the past 10+ years, he has focused on helping clients to expand their business through the best digital solutions. Leading a team of 100+ employees, he knows how to implement the best market practices to transform a client’s business growth and help him achieve dedicated goals.

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