Web Design Trends That Will Amaze You This 2014

September 5, 2014

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A lot has been seen on the web, from catchy to simple designs, Internet lets you explore the best and the worst of the things within a click. When talking about the web designs, these are the most visible artworks that are capable of attracting crowds. So one must keep on experimenting with these. Trends come and go, opening doors for many innovations and as it is the era of digital design, so here are some of the growing web design trends which are sure to blossom over this year 2014.  A lot of them were already in picture while the others are just beginning to start their journey.

Let’s check out how long they promise to stick around, giving an edge to your websites. Trending towards the range of new web designs of 2014.

Perfect Layouts in Grid Style

What an impact it puts on a visitor, just wow. This isn’t something that you can use on your old websites. It’s the latest fashion and many social media websites like Facebook are also using it to scatter their timeline updates. The plus point of having such a layout is that everything condenses into an easy-to-read format, skimmable yet coherent without requiring much space.

Responsive is the Win Win Formula

There is a huge marketing potential in this type of designing. With Smart phones and tablets becoming the new trend, responsive designing has become imperative. Even the smallest business owner would be talking about it and your clients would ask for it as it has become a new designing standard.

Innovating Websites with Parallax Designing

No more 960 pixel website. It’s time to have a strong impact with something bigger and better. So parallax is here to spread its scrolling mischief, powerful imagination and innovative typography, this 2014.

Attractive Captioned Images

This has simply set the pace of designing. Crafty captions underneath every image makes it more catchy and clickable. Earlier, there used to be CSS3 Caption effects but now you can build caption-style labels which will automatically append to the images on each page.

Stylish Elements in Extended Form

Free open source jQuery plugins are presently in high demand as it enhances the user experience with its smoother, fewer and less cluttered JavaScript code. What an X-factor it imparts to your website with its floating labels, input validation, guided tooltips and offering you almost everything beyond your imagination and expectation.

Superb 3D Effects

Well, this one is slowly becoming the talk of the town. With so many animations, graphics and an array of creative stuff, this designing trend will surely win a million hearts. These are often built into the page for galleries, elements and navigation menus . The 3D effects can be developed using JQuery or even CSS3.  Just scour the web with the designs to play around with.

Beautiful Flat Design Elements

Web design trends are incomplete without discussing about these all new flat UI elements. Flaunt the much flatter buttons using natural box shadows, text shadows or rounded corners for that enhanced look. Now you can even switch to metro-style layouts, introduced by Microsoft’s Windows OS and the Windows Mobile Phone.

Personal Portraits are a New Success Mantra

Creativity and out-of-the box thinking is what makes a rich web design and personal portraits are the best example for this. Build a human connection to gain the users attention. Showcase your work samples with a photograph of yourself on the page. It’s just fantastic. Having a picture of yours on the webpage offers your visitors a glimpse into who you are.

Featured Detail Lists are the New Design Idea

Designing a homepage with a catchy featured detail list will definitely get you a large number of clicks. Coupling the details with some well created icons will help you in illustrating the points in a more concise manner. So just give your visitors a reason to stick around by offering them the most user-friendly designs.

Give a brand new makeover to your dull and boring websites with the implementation of these inventive design trends and leave an impression of the excellent creative approach on your visitors.

Ranjit Singh Ranjit Singh is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at RV Technologies. In the past 10+ years, he has focused on helping clients to expand their business through the best digital solutions. Leading a team of 100+ employees, he knows how to implement the best market practices to transform a client’s business growth and help him achieve dedicated goals.

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