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VR or Virtual Reality is basically a computer-generated environment that enables you to interact and discover an alternative world to where you live. Generally, these virtual environments require you to wear a VR headset and optical handheld tracking controllers. However, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars buying HTC Vive headset or an Oculus Rift to give virtual reality a try. Your Android or iPhone is a VR device in itself that supports virtual reality particularly when paired with Google Cardboard headset that uses your phone screen for working. RV Technologies will help you design impactful VR apps in After Effects and Adobe Premiere. From mobile VR apps to web apps, we will get your ideas into the real-time enviroment before turning them into completely real.

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Virtual reality app is just another app which uses the power of virtual reality to accomplish distinct objectives. VR apps are used in multiple areas such as games, healthcare, construction and many others. At RV Technologies, we will help you design VR apps for your varied goals. Navigate through the surrounding areas of a property or have a 3D virtual walkthrough of the building before making any changes in construction – we develop VR apps for almost every need of yours that run flawlessly on both Android and iPhone.

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  • Custom 2D & 3D Models
  • 3D Animation and Videos
  • VR Game Development
  • 360° VR Experience
  • Custom Augmented Reality
  • Immersive Apps
  • Personalized Content

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All I had an idea for a classic puzzle game, and it was their team who shaped my raw idea into reality. They also helped me with deciding graphics which suited best as per the theme of the game. My game is live and running, and I want to thank these guys.

~ David Jhonson(United States)

Even though I was a little sceptical about working with the RV technologies, but as soon as I saw the work, I was convinced I had made the right decision. The team is highly professional and knows how to use their expertise to improve a project.

~ Paolo(New York, US)