Our Third Trip To Singapore – A Workshop With One of Our Major Clients!

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  • calendar Updated: December 17, 2016

After a lovely blissful evening on Friday, the 2nd, 2016, the team of four developers from RV Technologies was ready to depart from Delhi. It was an outstanding opportunity for us when our ongoing client invited us for a project workshop at Singapore. This all happened all of a sudden and we had to pack up as soon as we could to avoid getting in the pain of being late. So far, so good, we packed up all stuff that we had to carry along – ready to fly away to Singapore again!

But before we proceed, Thanks to RV Technologies for offering us a peaceful, entertaining, business trip to Singapore – the city that kept us wondering all week long, about the places we went, the monuments we saw, or the adventure we did, we couldn’t stop thinking about it, really! Say it a pleasure, business, or blessings of God – we enjoyed each and every part of it that will stay as a memory in our hearts. Our client basically wanted us to have more in-depth understanding of the application that we have been working on for the past one and half years. In the meantime, we also had some interaction with his local team and enjoyed traveling to different places around the city.

The time came and we reached Singapore on 4th Dec 2016, with a glee on faces – of course, friends are special and being with them on a journey is always a special time! Isn’t it?

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It was Sunday and we felt delighted to see our client ready to receive us. A great feeling to meet him, in person, who we have been communicating with via online communication channels (Slack, Skype) for a long time, was just fabulous! Had a great time having breakfast with him soon before we headed over to enjoy the captivating Universal Studios, one of the many fascinating attractions in Singapore, and the many other places following it.

First day of workshop was dedicated to discussing about product marketing and planning, including various other activities.

Second day was planned for technical discussion on product. Talks were to improve the current set up and enhance the application for future goals.

Our final day at Singapore spent on working in our client’s office for product betterment and of course, get more familiar with everyone.

On our last evening of trip, we went out to visit the Christmas festive decoration at Garden By the bay, and concluded our trip with nice photographs at Merlion.

We are glad that our company offered us a wonderful opportunity, and we look forward to many more in future!


Team, RV Technologies

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