Things You Can’t Miss About Big Data If You Are a Business Analyst

November 27, 2015

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The job market of Big data seems to catch up the pace in the recent years. According to the industry experts, “Big data will change everything in a big way”, which is easily visible in the past years. The arrival of this technology seems to have been adding up new roles and responsibilities to the business analyst job description. No wonder, the salaries are going to increase as a consequence of this. Let’s discuss…

What You Will Need To Become a Senior Business Analyst?

To become a senior business analyst, you must possess three to four years of experience in the BA role together with a strong understanding of technology and powerful analytical skills. Task list for a senior BA would include:

  • Provide assistance for implementation and support of business information systems across multiple platforms.
  • Conduct deep market research and analyze the overall profitability of a business.
  • Produce and share reports that enable advertising, finance, customer service, sales and marketing manager to make better decisions by analyzing the geography, supply chain and price.
  • Ensure that business data and reporting needs are precisely met.
  • Develop and audit data quality metrics.

Clearly, these responsibilities match well with the profile of a business analyst. Industry experts would agree: “In most cases, a big data team minimally requires an intelligent business analyst who is able to work with the end business so the right analytics queries can be formed.”

According to a well-known BA blogger Kupe Kupersmith, “The biggest transformation can be seen in the business analyst job description due to the introduction of big data.” He adds, “The future will see business analyst working less in project oriented tasks but more in strategy making roles such as business architecture, managing lines of business and management consulting.”

Numbers Actually Make Sense Here…

A salary survey performed back in 2014 reveals, an increase of 4.3% if compared to the year 2013. And in 2016, the sector seems to grow tremendously due to the rapid evolution of big data carrying the big numbers forward.

One of the biggest impact of big data on the BA job description is that – now these professionals can serve as business partners across multiple departments to deliver the story behind the numbers.

High-paying big data jobs are waiting for professionals with the right mix of knowledge and skills.

Ability To Ask The Right Questions…

A New York Times reporter sums up, the crucial value that a business analyst will play in big data’s future. He writes, “A business analyst with big data skills must have the ability to ask the right questions.”

These skills will always be the part of a business analyst’s toolbox, but the deepness of big data needs an exceptional increase in the business analyst’s ability to define a compelling story depending on the right data.

The business analyst of the future will be able to use the analytical skills of today to skillfully navigate the complexities of the big data world. The knowledge they gain during their early years will, in fact, help minimize the margin of error for businesses by capturing key analytics and allowing sound business decisions.

With all that said, BA’s should be prepared to equip the big data demands. They are surely going to achieve a big reward for their significant efforts.

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Ranjit Singh Ranjit Singh is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at RV Technologies. In the past 10+ years, he has focused on helping clients to expand their business through the best digital solutions. Leading a team of 100+ employees, he knows how to implement the best market practices to transform a client’s business growth and help him achieve dedicated goals.

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