The Upcoming Magento Development Trends in 2021

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  • calendar Updated: March 5, 2021

Nowadays, various eCommerce industries have been experiencing innovation. The popularity is further fuelled by the customers that stipulate the ever increasing need for better experiences. Moreover, the growth of the industry is outpacing the entire retail growth by huge amounts. In addition to this, the traffic that a website generates from mobile yet it accounts for more than 39 percent.  The enormous change that is taking place in the Magento development services across the nation is fast. You don’t even have to carry the burden to prepare for the future.

So, without any further ado, let us take a look at the upcoming eCommerce trends below-

Social Commerce

When making the best out of your ecommerce site, various tools for Magento such as social e commerce holds great significance. This new digital arena has made the shoppers undergo certain experiences all the time on their social media channels. That makes them most favorable for grabbing all the finest of the deals online. The more number of advertisements that run every day on these platforms lets the people know about the products as well as services in a better manner. These experiences are followed with regular purchases and the top magento e-commerce developers never miss out on this trend. Social media integration is a must these days so as to guarantee the success of any ecommerce venture.

B2B NextGen Ecommerce

If you try to gain in-depth information into the nature of B2B companies, then you will know that around 14 percent of them are customer centric. That is because most of the companies don’t even try to know the mind of the buyer. The B2B brands usually need to develop a direct to consumer channel. By doing this, the businesses are able to gain the ownership of the customer data. By doing this, they optimize the customer experience across any platform. With the advancement of e-commerce development company and globally, the two new features in 2021 will make the companies move their focus from the product centric approach to customer centric.

Enhance Conversions with micro animations

Since the inception of the internet, the world has appreciated the use of animations like gifs. But the present era is witnessing the implementation of the Magento trends in ecommerce too. Moreover, if the animated icons are properly employed as one of the ecommerce shipping practices, it can largely enhance the overall experience. In addition to this, it will also reinvigorate the various businesses and boost conversions will then be really easy for any Magento ecommerce development company


As we all know that the change in many industries in the present times is due to the emergence of the various technologies such as VR and AR. These technologies have been proving beneficial for website development. Most people usually complain about the lack of getting certain products. Both AR and VR are fully functioning so as to remove such gaps in online shopping. There are valid reasons why the developers  are considering the integration of these great trends.

Headless Ecommerce

The various trends in the web development that the world will really be thankful for will change the entire structure of eCommerce. The headless ecommerce trend is gaining huge popularity. With this, all sellers will make a paradigm shift from the conventional systems to slanting microservice stacks. These can deliver increased performance as well as agility. The technology also carries great potential of developing apps. Both the isolation and the scaling microservices is possible which can later create efficient launch at the frontend.

Voice Commerce

This year will mark the beginning of smart speaker personnel that will increase by at least 17 percent. This huge rise is a hint to the future of the trends such as voice commerce. The incorporations of these trends in any strategy will only lead to greater profits. A few to include is the voice search in the ecommerce store include- content optimization for appearing in the voice queries, offering vice based navigation on the app, facilitation of a simple flow purchasing products through voice search.

Faultless Omnichannel Experiences

Various online vendors as well as the merchants have fully perceived their omnichannel approach from only the point of view of the sales. If they do continue to pursue this, then they will surely miss out those amazing trends. The overall growth of the many touchpoints for making sensible decisions is on a constant rise. This is the making of the marketing sales channels that are complementary. This is triggering the need for steadfast experience  and even if the small business e commerce integrate the trend of the omnichannel experiences is a must in this era.


The aforementioned magento development trends are just a few from a pool. But the point is to take into account these trends and try to implement it into your strategies and experience the difference.

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