Technologies that Transformed the iOS Game Development Industry

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With the rapid advancement of technology in this modern era, every field is getting high-tech day by day whether it is the mobile games industry or the agriculture department. Every human is indirectly attached to the technologies.

For instance: we are using mobile phones which is a major example of technology. We use the internet every day, which is another way we are attached to high technology. It looks common nowadays due to its great reach.

But did you ever think about your ancestors who did not have access to these incredible technologies?

For them, it is a miracle as they never thought that it may be possible. It was impossible for them.

By the way, forget about the word “impossible” as it says i-m-possible. Of course, in this rapidly growing era, everything is possible even those things that are beyond the imagination of your brain.

Top 5 Technologies That Transformed the iOS Game Development

Let’s come to the point. Here we will discuss the technologies that amazingly transformed your gaming experience for Android and iOS games.

However, you must have played the amazing Android and iOS games that are available on Play Store and iTunes. Those games are developed based on a few specific technologies that allow you to experience a real treat while playing games.

These technologies express to us that we are living in the arena of advanced technologies where everything can happen.

These are developed by major technology developers in the world and here Apple Inc. is at the peak of the list that Steve Jobs founded.

Let’s explore the trendy technologies developed by iPhone game development company and other major gaming technologies developers.

1. Augmented Reality (AR)


AR has already incredibly hit the gaming industry as well as mobile games enthusiasts. It is a futuristic technology that has immense potential in the mobile gaming industry as well as in other major industries.

In this technology, your device captures the real environment nearby you with the help of a camera and combines it with computer-generated objects.

Thus, it looks like the real world. It continually monitors your device movement and accordingly updates the world you see on your device’s screen.

In iOS game development AR plays a very crucial role to offer an unbeatable experience to gamers.

The iPhone game development company has been widely using this technology to develop new-era mobile games.

Have you ever heard about Apple’s ARKit?

Maybe yes or no. By the way, let me simplify it for you. It is a framework launched by Apple to offer iOS game developers an easier way to develop augmented reality games.

The iPhone game development company and iOS game developers widely use ARKit to develop amazing iOS games.

So, AR is one of the latest gaming technologies that may have been offering you an amazing experience for years or can transform your gaming experience if you start playing AR iOS mobile games.

2. iBeacon Technology


iBeacon technology was introduced by Apple in 2013 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

It is one of the greatest technologies developed in location-based and proximity marketing technologies. It uses low-energy Bluetooth technology to transmit small wireless signals to other nearby devices.

This technology offers an easier and simpler way for businesses, the gaming industry, and an iPhone game development company to receive location-based information from the user.

IOS game developers are widely using this amazing technology in the development of iOS games.

This has immense potential to grow in the gaming industry. Using this technology, the developers can add extra value to their iOS gaming app.

3. Internet of Things in iOS Game Development


A technology that offers an amazing way to create a network of interconnected computing devices.

Such as mechanical and digital machines & devices, humans, and animals, separated with different identifications.

That has the ability to transmit data & information over the network without requiring any interaction between human to human and human to computer.

It is a futuristic technology that is expected to rapidly grow in the market in the upcoming years.

Several industries are utilizing this technology to improve their products and services.

Similarly, the gaming industry and iPhone game development companies are widely utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to develop amazing iOS gaming apps and give mind-blowing user interface UI and user experience UX to gamers.

If you have ever played the Pokemon Go game that means you have experienced the IoT and AR games. This game is the perfect combination of IoT and AR technologies.

4. App Transport Security


Apple is the first company that introduced the ATS privacy feature with its iOS 9 launch.

It is an amazing technology that helps to completely protect the data of the users as well as a mobile app.

Securing the data and information of users and apps has been a major concern of several app and game developers for years but with the introduction of ATS, it becomes easier for the developer to secure large data of their users and app.

For an iPhone game development company and iOS game developers, it is an amazing feature that allows them to protect their users’ data from getting used for other purposes.

They are widely utilizing this amazing feature to offer better experiences to mobile game enthusiasts.

5. Artificial Intelligence to Build iOS Gaming App


Artificial Intelligence is another example of the advancement of technology in the modern world.

You must have heard about it before over the Internet or maybe from an IT expert. It is a machine technology that acts and thinks like a human.

Most Android and iOS gaming app developers are using this technology to develop amazing gaming apps that offer users an optimal thrilling gaming experience while playing on mobile phones.

So, these are a few major technologies that rapidly transformed the mobile gaming industry and even these technologies have a great scope in the gaming industry in the upcoming years as gamers have been madly liking these all.

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