The Team of RVians at Redington’s Cloud Day 2016, Chandigarh

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The Redington’s Cloud Day celebrated this past June, 22, 2016, at Hometel Chandigarh, 6 kms away from the Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park, has been a tremendous learning opportunity for the RVians.

The event organized by Redington, a vendor of Amazon web services, was about to set up and we, a team of RVians, arrived just in time to explore the very wonderful seminar, filled with breathtaking information about cloud computing and the services offered by Amazon AWS. The hall was well organized, with a great sitting plan, and two projectors, were offering an impeccable view all over.

As we entered the hall, we could see the welcoming view of the hall from the front. We sat on the chairs laying around, and the event began with a little introduction about Redington, offered by one of the company’s speakers. Thereafter, two speakers from Amazon, put some light on cloud computing and various services offered by Amazon.

The second session on Amazon AWS began with an introduction about Cloud Computing. While we have previously heard a lot about the emerging technology – we found that information too little as the seminar reached half-way, discovering the untouched shores of Cloud Computing.

If you are not very familiar with Cloud computing, by definition, it represents to an on-demand delivery of IT resources and applications through the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing.

No matter, you want to share photos to millions of mobile users or you simply need a support for your critical business operations, the cloud provides flexibility and fast access to choosing the much needed IT resources at low costs. You don’t need to pay upfront for the heavy hardware you need, instead, you can look for the right size/type of hardware to run your business operations.

Two breaks were introduced as a part of relaxation apart from lunch that offered us a chance to eat and talk while enjoying the occasion to the fullest. Soon after the lunch, we were excited to discover what’s going to happen next as we already had heard that the event is about the very amazing AWS services.

Finally, the Amazon’s speakers came up with a discussion on the most exciting part – the Amazon AWS services. Let’s take an overview of a few of them one-by-one.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2):

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) provides the scalable computing capacity in the AWS cloud. A business may eradicate the need to invest in hardware up-front, thus making the deployment of the applications faster. You may use Amazon EC2 to offer space to as many virtual servers as you need, enhance security and networking and manage storage. Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon Elastic Block Service (EBS):

EBS (Elastic Block Service) allows block level storage volumes to use with EC2 instances in AWS cloud, with each volume robotically replicated to ensure your protection against component failure. You can easily manage who is going to access specific EBS volumes which can also be encrypted for maximum security.

AWS Lambda:

A compute service that allows you to upload your code to AWS Lambda and the services can run the code using AWS infrastructure. After you finish uploading and creating a Lambda Function, AWS Lambda takes care of managing the servers you use to execute the code.


AWS Key Management Service (KMS):

A fully managed service that enables easy creation and control over encryption keys used to secure your data, and uses Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to enable security of your keys. AWS Key Management Service is integrated with several other AWS services to allow a complete data security for safe use.

Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service):

A managed database service from Amazon fully compatible with MySQL, Amazon Aurora, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server PostgreSQL. For heavy workloads, the services can be scaled out beyond its ability of a single database.

Amazon CloudFront:

It’s a web service that is used to distribute content, along with dynamic content, to end users at high data transfer speeds. It can be combined with other AWS services and you may use your own domain name and SSL certification.

Mobile Analytics:

Mobile Analytics offers an easy insight into the mobile app usage, particularly, for companies looking for a fast response, with results delivered within 60 minutes of receiving data from an app. It’s integrated into the AWS Mobile SDK and supports iOS, Android and Fire OS.

Amazon Cognito:

A mobile user identity and synchronization service for developers that can be used to save preferences and game states for mobile apps in the AWS and locally on user’s devices.

Amazon Cognito

Before we could hear anything more to it, the time knocked up the door. The ending stages were introduced with a huge round of applause, with sound of claps making the moment, all the more exciting and cheerful.

The event, that began at 8 o’clock in the mornings was about to end at 5 in the eve, with much hype associated with the way it was presented. We are happy to share all that we could, throughout in this post. Have a good time reading and sharing it with your friends!

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