RV Technologies Visits Google Fast Forward Workshop, 2016 – Catch All the News From the Event!

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  • calendar Updated: July 8, 2016

Recently, the team of RVians has been exploring the Google Fast Forward Workshop set up by Google, that held in Gurgaon on Tuesday, July 05, 2016. We have been delighted to watch the entire event, that offered us a lot more new things to share with you.

First of all, thanks to all the team members for contributing to the event and collecting the useful matter that really makes us feel proud, that we can be of some help to other people around. We had already registered a day before the event, as we were so excited to find out about the Google offering us a speech.

Soon after the initiation, a welcome remark was offered by the company for 5 mins to greet the visitors that came over from different parts of the country. We couldn’t wait to see how the whole event was about to proceed. Meanwhile, a speaker from Google appeared on the stage and finally, the countdown began with a huge round of applause.

In the initial stages, the company introduced the evolvement of smart-phones over the past eight years and how they overcame the hundred years old technology, the landline. It was amazing to hear the numbers that counted the total number of mobile users in India, raised to 300 million, accounting for 65% of the users primarily depending on smart-phones for their day-to- day conversation and data usage. The company declared India, as the second highest in terms of mobile phone usage.

The Google announced seven Google products that enjoy the massive one billion monthly users with 68% coming from the Google searches alone. While the rest part being contributed by YouTube, Google Display Network, Google Maps, and the others.

We came to know about the ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Online) behavior and the Google digital bites. The company is helping small businesses prepare a digital marketing plan to drive results quickly and connect with their customers through the Google digital bites. While giving a clarification for the same, a speaker from Google shared useful information about Inbound and outbound lead generation, together with how warm and cold leads work for small businesses. Given below are the five tactics to generating warm leads that we got to learn in the event –

1. Selling AdWords to existing clients

2. Include AdWords in your marketing strategy

3. Through partnerships

4. Through referrals

5. Working with networked association or individuals

Later, a few useful tactics were disclosed by Google about building a reputation via Inbound lead generation that include SMM, case studies, business blogging, optimizing on-page and off-page strategies etc. It was such a delight to have Google itself disclosing all the very informative things to us.

Google also shared a few strategies toward building a profitable business through Google AdWords, prospecting new clients for AdWords and other ideas to accelerate your digital marketing efforts. A coffee break in the morning and a lunch break followed by a consultation session, seemed to disappear away too fast discussing about the event and other happenings around.

Finally, the hour hand in the clock turned to 1 o’clock and the time came to offer waving hands to such a memorable event. We felt blessed to hear a great piece of information that we shared with you. Feel free to share with us your views in the comments…

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