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Performance testing is a crucial part of the software testing process. We at RV Technologies have a team of experts for performance testing who ensure high-quality of your app/website so that it can easily work under a specific workload. Performance testing is basically a type of non-functional testing that tests scalability, speed, and stability of a digital solution.

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Professional Performance Testing Services India

Being one of the leading performance testing companies in India, we are your one-stop solution for a wide array of testing services including performance testing. We offer personalized testing solutions to test the current performance & functionality of your application and evaluate all the potential errors. Our performance testing services ensure that your application offers user-friendliness while being fully-functional at the same time.

Our Performance Testing Services Include

Load Testing

Load Testing is conducted to ensure that your application works appropriately even when the load is increased rapidly. Being a professional performance testing company, we use dedicated load testing tools to check an application's performance under different scenarios and evaluate if it is good to launch in the market or not.

Scalability Testing

Scalability testing is a critical part of performance testing. Our team of experts for performance testing conducts scalability testing to check if your application is scalable or not. We use dedicated tools to measure the app's capabilities under severe architectural changes.

Spike Testing

Spike testing is yet another type of performance testing services, that is conducted to evaluate the weakness of the app. Our team conducts spike testing on your application to evaluate how it performs when there is a sudden increase and drop in the load. The main objective of spike testing is that it ensures whether the app will tackle unexpected scenarios or not.

Volume Testing

Volume testing, also known as flood testing, is a type of non-functional performance testing that is conducted to check the application's performance when there's a sudden increase in the volume of the data. In this case, our team increases the volume of data in the database to identify if the app performs flawlessly or not.

Stress Testing

Stress Testing is among the most crucial performance testing services India. It is usually conducted to check the application's stability and reliability. Our team utilizes several automation tools to evaluate if the app is capable of handling errors when it is subjected to extreme load conditions.

Web Service Performance Testing

In addition to application testing services, we also offer website performance testing services to check the performance of your web solutions/web app. Our vision is to provide clients with engaging and visually appealing websites that engage the target audience and provide them with an extensive range of features at the same time.

Why Performance Testing is Crucial Part of Software Development Life Cycle

Performance testing is a critical part of developing software as it makes it easier to test the app for different scenarios and ensure if it will perform to its expected workload or not. Unlike automation testing and manual testing, removing errors is not the primary goal of performance testing. Instead, it is conducted to find and remove elements that act as a barrier to the performance of the app.

Our Performance Testing Approach

Being one of the leading experts for performance testing, we follow a dedicated approach to ensure high accuracy and advanced functionality.

Our performance testing services will help you make your application user-centric by enhancing the user-engagement. From improving the app's scalability to enhancing its user-friendliness, our performance testing services are developed to find and eliminate different issues.

We're Your One-Stop Solution for Different Performance Testing Services

RV Technologies is one of the leading digital solution providers in India. In addition to developing extensive and feature-rich web and mobile solutions, we also offer an array of testing services to ensure that your app/website works flawlessly under different scenarios.

Apart from manual and automation testing, we also offer performance testing services to test and validate the app from a user's perspective. Our performance testing services are specifically tailored to enhance the app's usability and performance so that it can offer an exceptional user experience to the customers.