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Our best mobile game developers are proficient
in the following areas

Gaming and entertainment has become a growth sector for information technology firms, now representing an industry worth billions of dollars. With millions of smartphone users spending countless hours playing games on their mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, the demand for quality gaming apps has never been higher. Market penetration for iPhone and Android mobile devices expands each day, and intelligent entrepreneurs see the gaming app market as an excellent opportunity.

Unity Game Development

When it comes to mobile game development, nothing beats the functionality and features of Unity. The gaming engine provides a variety of tools and rendering options which helps our developers craft highly engaging 2D/3D mobile games for different platforms. In our decade-long journey, we have utilized Unity to develop some of the best games.

  • A Reliable gaming engine with tons of built-in settings for 3d crafting.
  • Highly scalable and Versatile.
  • Supports Cross-Platform Game Development.
  • Adaptive Interface.

HTML5 Game Development

Provide the users with feature-rich and cross-platform games developed using HTML5. The technology is known to deliver robust game development with tons of features to make a game highly engaging. Our expert mobile game developers will utilize several concepts of HTML5 to develop a game which is meant to provide an unforgettable experience to the user.

  • Cross-Platform Game Development.
  • Flawless 2D/3D Game Development.
  • Provide an exceptional gaming experience.
  • Easy Maintenance.

2D And 3D Game Development

At RV Technologies, we offer extensive 2D and 3D game development services for different platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows. Whichever platform you want to target, our team of professional mobile game developers has the required technical expertise to deliver an exceptional gaming experience to the users.

  • Web and Mobile Based 2D/3D games.
  • Exceptional Graphical performance.
  • Animated 2D/3D Asset Creation.
  • Flawless Gaming Experience.

iOS Game Development

Among all the apps, 33% of downloaded apps are games, which increases the potential of investing in iOS game development. Provide your customers with a high-performance and engaging iOS games, which hooks player for hours. Our expert game developers have the expertise to deliver a state-of-art gaming experience.

  • Develop Trend Setting iOS games.
  • Highly Appealing Animations.
  • Native iOS Game Development
  • VR/AR Integration.

Android Game Development

Being the most popular and widely used operating system, Android game development has a huge potential to skyrocket your business revenues. We have a team of skilled Android game developers who have the expertise to develop flawless and highly flexible games for Android which provide a memorable gaming experience.

  • Appealing Designing Elements.
  • Flexible Development Process.
  • Interactive Features.
  • VR/AR Integration.
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Our best mobile game designers are proficient
in the following areas

The design plays a vital role in making a regular mobile game extremely engaging. At RV Technologies, we have a team of technically skilled graphic designers who understand the potential of having an appealing design and therefore utilize the most suitable technologies and tools to craft highly engaging designs for your mobile game. With expertise in tools like Unity, our designers ensure that your mobile game offers a top-notch on board experience.

Concept Art and Illustration

It is crucial to build an illustration before embarking on the journey of game development. At RV Technologies, we have a dedicated team of professional concept artists who craft the perfect illustration for a mobile game which graphically decorates the entire concept of the game’s story. Our developers, then utilize several tools to turn this illustration into reality.

  • Creative Artistic Approach.
  • Graphically Impressive Illustrations.
  • Perspective Variations.

3D Assets For Game

A game asset is an object which appears within the game. We consider it our duty to blend in the best 3D assets for a game to make it more appealing and user-engaging. The artistic approach of our developers, coupled with their technical knowledge of tools like Unity and Unreal, helps them craft exciting 3D assets.

  • 3D Asset Creation Using the latest Tools.
  • 3D Modeling.
  • Unity Asset Integration.


Efficient UX/UI designs make a regular mobile game more successful. A better user interface is likely to turn a simple game into an engaging one which hooks players for hours. Our designers use the most suitable colors, symbols, fonts, images, icons, and buttons to enhance the overall design of your game.

  • Easy Navigation Between Two Pages.
  • Custom UX/UI Designs.
  • Appealing Content.

Casual Game Graphics

Graphics are a vital part of every mobile game. A graphically enriched mobile game is more likely to engage a user in hours of gameplay. We, at RV Technologies, our mobile game developers understand the need for high-end graphics for a mobile game and therefore utilize reliable tools to develop graphically enriched mobile games.

  • Strong Layout and Composition Creation.
  • Captivating color palettes for 3D Assets.
  • Exceptional Graphical Performance.
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We are a Leading Mobile Game Development Service Provider with Reliable Mobile Game Development Services.

  • With the perfect blend of technical expertise and creativity, we are one of the top gaming companies in India providing reliable gaming solutions as per our client’s requirements.
  • Having 10 years of experience, we utilize the latest technologies and market trends to develop engaging mobile games while keeping the development cost minimal.
  • Before final delivery, our quality assurance team runs the game through different testing scenarios to ensure that the game is completely flawless.

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