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Research Findings

Neither customers nor cab drivers like to bicker about money. The app was to integrate a payment platform and accurately track the amount for the ensure fair pricing, cab ride, dispatch accurate receipts,, among other things.

Purpose of the Project

The aim of this project was to create an app that helps people to book taxis via an app and to make comfortable rides within a few simple clicks. This mobile app version features GPS that automatically finds your location at that moment and you will just have to tap Call the Taxi after typing the destination.

Sketching for Visual Design

Designing the app and incorporating all the client-requested features was a tough challenge. Our developers had to ensure the app had an easy-to-use interface which could be used by both customers and cab drivers alike, while providing features useful for both. The app also had to feature map integration for best route options, automatic fare calculation, and payment gateway integration. At last, the GPS integration had to be robust enough for the customers as well as the cab drivers to find each other whenever required.

App User Interface Design

When the structure was approved, we started working on the presentation of the UI elements. We filtered by service item, review features in order to encourage experienced drivers and filter out untrained ones. In order to enhance the end-user experience, we included features such as the ability to choose the type of cab, the number of passengers etc.

Crafting the Experience

Mapping is one of the basic flows of the app that made us realise how a user would go through the app inside each flow. We took this as a sitemap to finally start crafting all the screens of the app.

Monitoring the Pipeline Activity

We went overboard with the concept of compiling a comprehensive research on a plethora of essentials which can give the client a good amount of insights on the market. To ascertain the same, we implemented and monitored the pipeline activity throughout the process.


As it always goes, to design a solution, you need to understand the problem first. Although the task was to create a taxi finder app, it was very essential to research the pre and post booking phase.

Final Product

The project was immensely successful as we were able to incorporate tons of features which worked flawlessly, within a short span of time. Not only did the app prove useful for customers and drivers alike, but also complete bill transparency, thereby ensuring unfair cab charges were a thing of the past.

End Deliverables

The final product was delivered successfully within the decided time frame.

Product Response

Both the client and the people gave positive feedback to the end product.

Edge Over Competitors

The app has become quite popular in its niche and has outranked most of its competitors.

What We Identified?

We created an app that works on real time data and scenarios, displayed price should be pre defined. Otherwise passengers will try to negotiate with the rider and it will waste a lot of time on both sides.

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