Game Development Trends to Look For in 2020

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No one can deny that the game industry is rocking the world of technology. You will be amazed as nowadays there are very unique features that are added in the games in order to make them interesting and adventurous. There is a huge rise in game development, thanks to different contributors in the game’s world such as virtual reality and augmented reality. These two technologies have become the lifeline for game development as they’re highly appreciated by the users as well.
Due to all these technologies, there is a huge rise in the demand for games that are backed by a unique and special idea for players, across the world. This is the actual reason, why leading game development companies are bringing the best outcomes for their customers all around the world.
At present, there are at least 2.2 billion people who are fond of games and who love to play on their phones.
According to a report, it has been stated that the video game market (both for Desktop and Smartphone) is expected to grow up to $90 billion USD in 2020. As a result, 53% of the game developers are focused on building games for the PC and Mac while 38% of the game developers are creating games for mobile phones.

The Change in Game development:

Well, the gaming company in India is witnessing a lot of changes in the development trends. Earlier the games were played on the consoles and now smartphones and tablets have taken their place. The trends are changing at a very fast pace and so is the field of game development. It is extremely important to be aware of the revolutionary era of mobile technologies. The users are basically more familiar with mobile devices and they are using them on a daily basis. This is the main reason why people usually prefer mobile applications over websites. This is probably the major reason why users have become more fond of mobile gaming.

As a result, the best game development companies have started to invest their time in mobile game development.
It is also worth noting that mobile game development is an ever-changing scenario. Every day new technologies are being introduced to make engaging and highly addictive mobile games. So, Here are some of the mobile game development trends for 2020:

Cloud gaming:
Cloud gaming is definitely one of the top gaming trends right now, all thanks to stable and lightning-fast Internet connections. With this technology, you will be able to play various types of games from any gadget with a stable Internet connection. It’ll be the same as streaming a video and music file online.
The basic advantage of this emerging gaming technology is quick updates. You will be able to get the updated games online without any hassle. This will possibly make video games more accessible and affordable to those who do not have access to a gaming console as players would be able to play games on their PC itself.

Renewed focus on 3D:
The gaming industry has recently started to witness the revival of 3D. The effects of the 3D games are directly visible in the quality of the graphics along with the overall game designs. As for game development, the professionals are basically leaning towards creating a game that is a form of intensive entertainment through 3D technologies.

Handheld consoles:
It is true, that the handheld consoles have become obsolete in the 2000s. Gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox have completely replaced these handheld gaming devices. However, there is still an audience for mobile gadgets that are specifically assigned to video games. Players, on any given day, would choose a dedicated console over their smartphones and tablets. You will be amazed to know that, the handheld consoles will be the important element of the gaming technology in and after 2020.
The gamers and the gaming technology will have quick access to intensive game play in the future, thanks to these handheld gaming consoles.
The handheld game consoles in the future will be very interesting for the people who are nostalgic gamers from the older generation and for the gamers who actually want to play while moving without the disturbance of the other mobile apps on the tablets and smartphones.

The 5G effect:
The 5G effect will be launching in 2020. As a result, the Internet will be bringing a revolution in cloud gaming. The high-speed internet connection will actually pave the way for the game developers as they can experiment with the high quality and the high definition graphics for internet gaming. The 5G will be providing a chance to the mobile game developers to actually experiment with the cloud gaming for the mobile games with the console-level graphics.

AR and VR:
As we mentioned earlier, both virtual and augmented reality is likely to change the game development scenario in the coming future. People are showing an interest in these technologies as they make the game play more engaging and fun.
Augmented and virtual reality is certainly a multi-billion industry. There is no doubt that it will definitely be going to bring a lot of earnings to all the users of the world. Both AR and VR are completely dealing with a wide set of unique added features that will make the user experience engaging while playing games.

The rising popularity of mobile gaming:
The rising popularity of the games such as PUBG along with the Nintendo reviving and its arcade games for the mobiles has definitely opened up with the mobile game development avenue for the future generations.
The handheld consoles are also making a comeback in the form of secondary devices along with tablets and smartphones as they are the other major contributor to the game development sector. The game developers will be taking a chance into the field of mobile game development from the basic gaming apps to the high-tech console gaming development.

The independent gamers, as well as the mega gaming studios, will definitely be dwelling into the multiple technologies and tools in order to experiment with the game developments. The future of the game development is of high-tech, hyper-realistic and collaborated. As long as you have a unique gaming idea, you can hire a game development company and allow the professional developers to turn that idea into an engaging game.

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