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The world revolves around the Internet today. Everything you need is already there, you just need to Google about it. Nevertheless, for consumers, it comes as a revolution, but for the business-persons, there has never been a tough time than it is now.

Indeed, generating traffic and converting them into customers, isn’t as easy as it sounds, at least not anymore, when there are thousands of other businesses existing on the web similar to yours. The question that you must get your head around though is – how would you attract visitors to your website in such a tough scenario?

It would hardly take 15 minutes for you to go through this article, but I would like you all to spend some time reading this, so you could have an idea of what else is needed for you to gain your customers’ attention.

Lead generation doesn’t come easy. The most crucial factor that plays a key role in achieving high traffic, is the way you organize your landing page. Keep in mind that old tactics of posting ads blindly don’t work anymore, since users now are smart enough to decide which products to buy, and which products to avoid.

There has to be something different that you can do in order to make customers count on you. You can certainly make a difference in the way users approach your website and sell your products through inbound marketing. So here it is…

Place CTA’s in the Right Spots

Let’s say for example, you go to a bookshop and need to buy a comic book. The person standing in the front i.e. the shopkeeper would notify your behavior and what kind of books are your most inclined to.

So he brings up more relevant subjects that you would like spending your money on. In the same way, think of you as a shopkeeper and you have to notify your customer’s behavior, and use their eye-views as a weapon to impel your sales graph through your website.

Note that when a customer lands on your webpage, they are more likely to move their eye in F-shaped pattern beginning from the top-left corner of your landing page. This is the area you should place your CTA buttons or any important information that you would like your customers to grab.

This is the pattern your viewers’ eye follows –


Note that your key CTA buttons should be placed appropriately and in the right places i.e. above the fold as in the above example – points 2, and 3. So when users land on your website, they instantly take an action. On the other hand, if CTA’s are placed below the fold, they would more likely intervene the experience of your users.

Pop-ups and Slide-in Forms

Pop-ups or slide-in forms are undoubtedly an impeccable way to boost sales. The only factor that you must keep in mind is that you should have something that is worthy to sell. At the same time, inappropriately placed pop-ups, or slide-in forms can disrupt the experience of your users.

Therefore, while you may not have given enough attention to the way they are placed, the right placements of pop-ups and slide-in forms can augment the number of conversions that your website makes.

You can offer them a limited time offer or something that sounds catchy, such as providing your users 10% off on first order would be a good idea to prompt them to take an action. Also, a slide-in box after a user scrolls down a certain percentage of your blog, could propel them to click on it.

Check this out –


Let’s say if it were a blog about clothes and you wanted to set up a slide-in box, how would it appear? Remember that this is just a prototype that includes a dummy image and text (at some places).


A Formal Declaration of New Products or Upcoming Events/Campaigns

This step is extremely critical to let your customers know that you have launched a new campaign. Declare it formally through a post along with other posts for marketing and SEO purposes that would help bring it to your customers’ notice.

This post would typically be around 150-250 words and you can add introduction, and how your offer can help the customers. In the end, add some pointers that describe what your users receive through this offer.

This must include 2 in-line CTA’s followed by an end-of-post banner.

Let’s say you have started a campaign with an objective to help small entrepreneurs grab free marketing tips. Here is how it should appear to your users (Remember that this is just a prototype so don’t go by the layout and the design phase). Just make sure it clarifies the idea that I wish to convey.


As shown in the above example, there are two in-line CTA’s in italic-bold, followed by an end-of-banner text.

Anchor Text that Catches the Users’ Attention

Anchor texts have a very important role to play. They are attention-catchers. While you may even try adding an end-of-post banner. In fact, you can add them anywhere, on every blog of yours.

The anchor texts in bold or defined with H3 or H4 tag will make them stand out, and can significantly enhance the amount of traffic coming to your website. Do not forget to check by putting the keyword in Google to examine the scope of your post.

Let’s have a look at this example –


As you can see in the above example, the text written in bold-italic “DOWNLOAD OUR FREE PRESS-RELEASE TEMPLATE” is used as an anchor to download a product or service that you sell. At the bottom, you can see an end-of-post banner with CTA, which is never a bad idea to place under your blog if used appropriately.

Use of Social-media For Lead-generation

Social media is undoubtedly a popular way to extend your reach and to get more visits to your site. It is yet another inexpensive weapon available to the marketers, which can literally add some worth to your lead generation campaign.

Over the past years, social-media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have significantly been used to augment the marketing efforts and to generate leads by the companies. Be sure to link your current and previous popular blogs to your social-media platforms. Add relevant hashtags to improve your blog’s visibility.

Here is an example of one blog that we’ve posted recently on our Facebook.

Screen Shot on Sep 12th at 09-31 AM In addition to this, broaden your research and think about what else could be done to augment lead-generation through social-media. Keep looking for opportunities to increase sales through Facebook and other social-media platforms.

I must admit this isn’t the end though, numerous other techniques can be employed to boost your marketing and sales graph. In case, I have skipped something, post it in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading! Have a productive lead-generation campaign 🙂


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