Universal Hardwood is based on WordPress, which is best for indexing and marketing purposes. Our major roles were to create a portal that manages blogs, videos, pictures all through backend.


Universal Wood website is based on the hardwood flooring. There are various blogs, videos, images and products and all are manageable from the back-end.


1) Design: Universal Wood site should have a clean design, good responsiveness and device optimization.

2) Quick Page Rendering: All blog images and slider images should be easy to load on the low bandwidth without effecting the image quality and should be manageable from the back-end.

3) High Speed, Manage the Video Page and Its Link: When uploading a video blog, its thumbnail images should be on the particular page and when someone clicks on that image, it should go to a single page where video plays automatically.

4) Google Speed Rank : Achieve Google speed rank 95 (Target 85).


This project got an excellent feedback from the client and the website loads quickly on slow network as well.