The idea of creating and approving contracts online was well supported by RV experts with WordPress. Major roles include automatic PDF creations & security of generating contracts.


The Dream Contracts is a law firm creating a paradigm shift in the way legal services are delivered and how lawyers work.

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1) Complete security of users profile system and their respective generated contracts


The Dream Contracts has a variant customer base; they needed to ensure that the data of each of their clients is safe and under no circumstances leaked, specially rested to their contracts generated by them.
2) Automatic Creation of contracts PDF’s with pre-filled users information


Our client wanted to provide easy web-access to his customers looking for lawyers, who they may rely on to work with them, to deliver the outcomes they want and partner them in developing their business into what they’ve always wanted.
3) Website owner should have complete information regarding Generated contracts by each user on the site


For security reasons, the web owner wanted complete hold on all contracts created by their customers and make sure all contracts abide by the terms related to legal services along with an access to those which are delivered and how lawyers work.


This product has got a positive feedback from the business owner of organizations like Law companies and government organizations.