Splendor.city was built with the purpose of sharing hotels and travel experiences. The team used WordPress as the platform and separate panels for different merchants and admin was created.


Splendr.city site is a sharing economy to discover, share and purchase fresh and exclusive experiences/hotels/restaurants in Singapore and Malaysia. Spendr.city is also a merchant and creator based website where creator will be able to create different merchants, and add merchant experiences (services like hotels, restaurants etc).


1) Creator and Merchant Role

Splendr.city is based on Creator and Merchant and both have different capabilities in the site admin. Creator have the capabilities to add merchant to services, and create different services like hotels, restaurants etc. Manage all created merchants and all services and purchases. While merchants have the capabilities to view all purchased services, create events for all customer calender at front end etc.
2) Multi Currency Based On City


Splendr.city is Singapore and Malaysia based site and client wanted these currencies to automatically change depending upon the customer’s location i.e. If the customer belongs to Singapore, then all services price will be in Singapore dollar and if customer is from Malaysia, then all services will be in the Malaysian ringgit. So the customer will be able to pay according to his currency by changing the currency in site.

3) Design


Client wanted unique media optimized design and the one that fulfills their purpose so the customer may feel easy and secure.


At last we are able to achieve all the requirements and the client is very happy with the work and gave very good reviews.