Based on Magento, We created a single page FAQ for imaginfires with instant answers, autosaving blogs and news, synced Google shopping feed and faster rendering YouTube videos.


Imaginfires are entirely UK based, have an office in London and a warehouse in the picturesque Cotswolds hills, They sell a range of Bio Fireplaces and accessories related to fireplaces.


Imaginfires needed many design/functionality changes before the Christmas season such as design changes on homepage, video-page and other internal pages.


1) In functionality change, they needed FAQ’s section to show FAQ on single page instead of linking them to further detail page in accordion style – We’ve made the changes in the module successfully.


2) The Blog’s were not saving the posts in the database with current programming. Google shopping feed was not working on the site – We did setting in News module.


3) They needed YouTube videos on site but not to load the Js and CSS with iframe embedding in site which was affecting the site’s speed – We loaded YouTube videos on demand without server load for faster rendering.


All changes are made and the client is happy with the working and functionality of the site.