Based on Prestashop, RV Experts redeveloped “Cable HDMI Europe” by updating PHP modules, upgrading to latest Prestashop version and redesigned the product display layout.

Overview, a France based website, basically sells HDMI cables which allow for perfect signal transmission. We have started this project and upgraded it from the outdated to the latest version. We have redesigned the whole site according to the client’s requirements and customized it. Then, we created the modules according to the client’s specifications and made the site user-friendly.


The client’s site was based on outdated Prestashop version, so our first task was to update the Prestashop version to the latest one. We have designed the whole site according to the client requirements again and fully customized the site according to the needed functionalities. We did customizations like creating discount label for products on the category page and product page, customizing the layout for question-answers module and also customized various other modules. We have created the various modules as per the client wanted them. We have made the site fully responsive for all devices and completed the project successfully within 1 month.


The site is fully functional now and working well on all devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile without any error. It has always gained a good feedback and reviews from the client.