Automation Testing Services for Agile Development

Software testing is a crucial part of software development. However, due to an increase in the codebase and the number of modules, manual testing has become strenuous. This is why we have introduced automation to execute the entire testing process. We are among the top automation testing companies in India offering professional automation testing services. We use the latest automation software to ensure quick project deployments.

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Top Automation Testing Company

Being one of the top Automating testing companies in India, we understand the significance of executing precise testing. That’s why we utilize expertise-driven frameworks while performing automation testing to ensure high accuracy. Our automation services India reduce the overall testing cost, resulting in cost-effective development solutions.

Our Automation Testing Services Include

Functional Testing

Functional Testing is conducted to check the functionality of a particular module of the entire code. Our Quality Assurance team performs functional testing to evaluate the compliance of a specific module with given functional requirements. The main purpose of conducting functional testing is to ensure that a particular module of the code works as per the client requirements.

Unit Testing

The unit testing is conducted to test individual units of the program. A unit can be anything, be it a function or a procedure. The main purpose is to validate that each unit of the program works flawlessly and as per the specified requirements. At RV Technologies, we conduct unit testing to improve code reusability and ensure that even the smallest unit of the code works as expected.

UI Testing

The user interface is as important as the functionality of the software. That’s why we always ensure to conduct UI testing to ensure that the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the software works flawlessly while offering an engaging experience to the users. In case any module of the software requires modification, the designing team ensures to make the required iterations.

Integration Testing

Once unit testing is completed, the next step is to perform integration testing. In this process, the individual modules of the software are integrated together and tested as a group. Even if modules work fine individually, it is important they must offer the required functionality when combined together. So, our QA team makes sure to test the related modules as a group.

Compatibility Testing

While conducting automating testing, it is crucial to perform compatibility testing. The main purpose of compatibility testing is to check if the software is compatible across different devices or not. Our testers conduct compatibility testing to check the compatibility of the software across all the required devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Regression Testing

As soon as the dedicated team makes the required changes to the software, we again perform regression testing to ensure that the modified version of the software works up to the expectations. Regression testing is usually performed after a bug is fixed or a new module is introduced to the app.

Why Automation Testing is Better than Manual Testing

While manual testing can be conducted to test a particular software, it is not feasible, especially when we’re talking about thousands of lines of code. This is why we prefer automation testing over manual testing as it offers high accuracy while reducing the testing time at the same time. In fact, high accuracy is one of the major reasons why even our clients prefer automation testing.

Our Automation Testing Approach

Being a top automation testing company, we utilize a dedicated testing approach to ensure high accuracy and advanced software functionality.

With automation testing, you can expect the software to work flawlessly as there is no scope for human errors at all. Our automation testing services ensure that the software’s functionality is not hampered at any cost and it is capable of meeting the required client goals. Moreover, automation testing boosts up the entire testing process, eventually resulting in quick and agile software development.

The Need for Automated Testing

Every project in the development phase is likely to have dozens of potential bugs that can harm the overall performance. It is not a wise approach to release the project without making it pass through the testing phase.

Automation testing ensures that your project is bug-free and ready to be launched in the market. Here’s why we never skip over the testing phase.

  • To ensure that the software works fine under different live scenarios
  • To Boost Up the Overal Project Development
  • To Develop Customer-Centric Solutions that Offer Interactive User-Experience

At RV Technologies, we don’t want our clients to face any issues once the product is launched in the market. That’s why we ensure to perform automation testing to ensure that the software offers flawless performance.