App Store Optimization – The Art of Attracting More Mobile Users, and More Business

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You don’t build a business, you build people, and the people build the businessZIG ZIGLAR

Mobile apps have become a consistent source of building businesses nowadays. That’s true that there are millions of apps on the app store, and you might feel struggling a bit in order to get your chance to be on the top, there are certain tactics that you can apply to find your spot in the top places of an app store.

ASO or App Store Optimization is the way to go about it. While it may have been overlooked in the past, the App Store Optimization is a way to ensure your mobile app appears on the top whenever a user searches for keywords relevant to it. Once it gets visible, more users will stumble on your app and as a consequence, more downloads will occur.

Take your time to choosing the right kind of keywords that your users might be using in order to search similar apps in the app stores. Remember that the right kind of keywords are extremely critical to the success of an app.

What is the need of ASO?

The primary goal of ASO is to drive traffic to your app. Since there are millions of apps in the app store, it might be difficult for your customers to find your app. ASO is the process of understanding the target audience, using keywords that are relevant to the app, and determining a marketing plan that best fits in depending upon the need.

Simply put, it is your weapon to beat your competitors and if you don’t opt for it, you will be left behind in the competition with no achievements whatsoever.


How does ASO work?

ASO requires proper keywords insertion. If you haven’t found the right set of keywords, chances are that you may find your app in the final rows of App stores. However, its converse is also true. Given below are a few critical factors that are required to the success of an app.

Title – Keywords must appear in the title. Choose a keyword that has the highest search traffic. Once you are done with keyword placement, do not change the keyword placed in the title as it might create further problems restricting your app to be in the top spots.

As soon as your app starts to appear up in the searches, people will start to learn about your app and the word of mouth will then become your another weapon, leading to even greater number of downloads.

Keywords – Compare what keywords your competitors might be targeting. Select keywords that are relevant and are often used by your targeted customers. Spend time checking out the users’ behavior at least once or as often as you can in a week.

What other factors can control your app’s success?

1. Number of downloads are extremely crucial to the success of your app and ASO. The greater the number of downloads, the more number of people would agree to download such an app.

However, this is uncontrollable and you can’t really decide the number of your app’s downloads. The only way to improve it is by keeping an eye on your ASO efforts. The better you can do, the better results you will be able to achieve.

2. Ratings and reviews are another two most crucial factors to your app’s success. Ask your users to leave a rating if they felt your app was good.

Ultimately, it all comes down to three crucial factors which have been proven to be significant and can dramatically improve the progress of your app.


  • Right keywords are a key to make an app a success. In a study, placing them in the title has improved the chances of your app to be on the top by around 10.3%.
  • Higher app ratings will usually result into more popularity of an app, and therefore there will greater chances for a user to download your app.
  • App store search rankings go hand-in-hand with the number of downloads. As more users download your app, the greater chances there will be for the App stores to recognize your app as a success.

Remember that ASO is a time-consuming process and nothing comes your way that easily. A consistent effort will be required on your part. Indeed, it can be difficult to see your app in the top ranks on the app stores, the good thing however is that there is nothing called “impossible” and it’s your decision how much time and effort you put in to see the outcomes that you desire for.

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