A Beginner’s Guide to Start an Online Tutoring Platform in 2022

July 4, 2022

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Some people want to master their skills but do not have the time to visit tutors online. Online tutoring platform fills this gap and connects people who want to learn professional skills with tutors worldwide through one-to-one live sessions. Various companies like Varsity tutors, Skooli, Tutorhunt, and more are gaining profits, and now it’s your turn to create something innovative in this field.

The demand for online tutoring businesses increased during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, millions of people today are aware of these platforms, and students prefer to connect with teachers online, reducing face-to-face contact. According to the report, the global online tutoring market is predicted to reach $2.9 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 15%.

So, are you considering starting an online tutoring business and growing in this field?

Let’s discuss the step-by-step approach to starting an online tutoring portal.

What is Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring is nothing but the process of teaching students virtually through a webcam. Online tutoring varies from one-to-one sessions(teacher us teaching to single student) to a group session, meaning a single teacher teaching a group of students. In addition, teachers can teach from any location and register students from diverse backgrounds.

How Does Online Tutoring Marketplace Work?

The online tutoring business model simply connects students and teachers with a separate workflow. Students need to signup and create their profile and search for a teacher as per the skills they want to learn, book a session, make payment, and attend the session.

On the other hand, the teacher creates their accounts on the platform and lists their profile as per their experience and education. Further, they set their availability and accordingly accept session booking requests. They further get the option to confirm the booking, take one-to-one or group sessions at a required timeslot, and, at last, receive their payment.

Revenue Model

There are 3 possible ways to benefit from online tutoring platforms potentially:

  • When students pay for a session with a teacher, the administrator can charge a flat commission. The instructor and the administrator agree with the commission fee, which is a direct revenue source for the marketplace.

  • Students can sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription that gives them full access to classes. The admin will set the charges for the number of sessions included in a package and how the money earned will be distributed among the teachers.

  • Teachers can pay a small fee to have their names listed on the featured page of the site. As a result, they will have more recognition in the featured section, which will lead to more lecture bookings.

Why Start an Online Tutoring Business in 2022?

Edtech businesses are profitable if you present something new to your customers and have done in-depth research about your target audience. Thus, it is a good idea to develop an e-learning platform, and here are a few benefits of starting a tutoring business in 2022.

– High Demand

Education is becoming expensive these days, and because of the high cost and increased demand, people are starting online startups.

– Flexibility

Online tutoring enables students to contact teachers worldwide when required. In addition, various tutoring websites have teachers available 24/7 to help students in their time of need.

– Accessibility

Thus, to develop a tutoring website that users will like, you must focus on making learning more collaborative and interactive.

– Geographical area

Students can pick any tutor regardless of location, evaluating teachers based on their skill set and personal preferences.

– Cost-effective

Unlike many offline businesses, where a large sum of money is required to get started, online tutoring requires fewer funds. You won’t need to rent a hall or incur logistics costs because the classes will be held in a virtual classroom.

The following are the key requirements for starting an online tutoring business:

  • 1. Computer

  • 2. Internet connection

Step-by-step approach for starting an online tutoring business

Step1: Develop a business plan

A well-documented business plan is crucial to starting any business. To create a plan, you must focus on the goals your business will work upon to have a successful online tutoring business. Having a proper business plan will help in creating your dream into reality. Thus, it is best to include expenses, operational and marketing strategies, business models, monetization strategies, and more.

Step2: Research your target audience

You must have a clear understanding of who your target audience is before you go all out. Investigate and examine different niches to learn more about who they are, the issues they undergo, and how your tutoring business can assist them in solving them. In-depth market research can help you determine what your potential customers want and how you can satisfy consumer needs as an online tutor.

This will entail posing some key questions, such as:

  • What type of students requires your assistance?

  • What’s the best place to look for them?

  • Is there anything available for your target audience?

  • What are their characteristics based on demographic factors such as age, behavior, location, and so on?

Answering these questions will help you better understand your target audience and connect with them more effectively.

Step3: Specify your Niche

There are various types of tutoring businesses online. For example, some concentrate on maths, while others give students classes for competitive exams. Thus, before hiring mobile app or website developers it is best to select your niche market.

It is best to narrow your tutoring services to stand out from your competitors, as when you choose a unique subject that few people offer, there are more chances to succeed.

For instance, you can develop an online English tutoring business. Or you could go for an instrument tutoring website.

Step4: Choose the Right Tech Stack

To start an online tutoring business, you must develop a website or mobile app. Then, depending upon your business model and the services you want, you need to select the platform and a database as you need to store many videos, study materials, etc.

Thus, by hiring a team of developers to develop the website or mobile app with the features, technology, and UI/UX design you want. Always develop a simple and clear UI/UX design for a better use experience.

Step 5: Start With MVP

The term minimum viable product refers to a product that meets the basic requirements. It’s a working product of the full project, with only the essential features. Creating an MVP helps you test your concept before its full development; you can add features and fix the bugs accordingly.

Therefore, companies specializing in MVP development can help you create a working product that has been thoroughly tested through user interaction.

Step 6: Testing

The testing stage allows bringing the prototype to a perfect state, meaning the application is tested properly before launching it, so it is bug-free.

Step 7: Launch

Now is the right time to launch your product to reach your target audience. You must carry the product launch systematically to guarantee that clients accept the product favorably.

Steps to a successful product launch process:

  • Target audience identifying.

  • Competitors analysis.

  • Customer onboarding creation.

  • Advertising.

Key features to include in your online Tutoring platform.

How can business owners make sure their business stands out among competitors? Having the right features in an online tutoring platform helps students and teachers achieve their goals, letting business owners achieve their business goals. Here are a few features that must be present in an online tutoring platform.


The customers for your online tutoring platform will be from worldwide; thus, making it multilingual will be the best approach to follow. As a result, a platform that supports foreign languages is a critical feature, as it allows you to communicate with students without worrying about a language barrier.

Various Payment Options

Several payment methods, such as credit or debit cards, net banking, and others that are faster and more accurate for students, are crucial for improving sales and conversions.


Students can use this feature to provide comments and suggestions on a course or a teacher after a class. Students’ feedback is displayed in the teacher profiles, which aids other students in making precise teacher selections.

Simple Interface

An online tutoring platform should be user-friendly. The text and icons should be readable, and the overall system should be easy to navigate. Teachers and students should feel at ease when using the platform to its full potential.

Video Call

This feature connects learners and educators irrespective of geographical location. Students and teachers can communicate virtually without significant barriers using virtual meeting tools that include a workspace, whiteboard, and TextPad. In addition, teachers can use videos, ppts, and screen sharing to make their lessons more interactive and engaging.

Multi-Currency Support

Users can choose their preferred currency in an online tutoring platform with multi-currency support. This option enables students to pay for classes in their currency, which the admin converts into the educators’ currency before being transferred.

Time-Zone Compatibility

Users from all over the world use online tutoring platforms. Having a time zone-friendly platform makes it easier for students and teachers to collaborate in different time zones.

How Much Does a Custom Tutoring Website Cost?

Like any other field, the price to develop a website or an app varies per region. Also, the price depends on the seniority level of the developers, features, tech stack, and a range of other factors. For instance, development rates in India are much lower than in the USA.

How Much Money Can You Earn From an Online Tutoring Business?

According to ReportLinker, the global online learning market is projected to reach $457 billion by 2026. This growing popularity of online learning solutions has given rise to various opportunities to earn money.

If you are still thinking of an estimate of how much you can earn through an online tutoring business? Your earnings will depend on these factors, which are as follows:

Target Market

The total amount of money you can make is determined by your target audience. For example, if you’re providing tutoring services to working professionals, they have a high-paying capacity. However, when offering classes to younger students, the price of the classes will vary. So it all depends on who you’re trying to reach.

Charges of classes

Most educators initially set their online teaching rates low to allure students. However, remember that your rates should reflect your tutor experience. Instead of focusing solely on the number of hours for an online session, consider the time and effort that goes into creating them. However, once you have customers, you can increase the price.

How to hire tutors for your platform?

  • Availability

    Look for tutors who are available as per your time requirements. There might be a chance that you have an experienced teacher that matches your requirement but still has a rigorous timeline.

  • Social media platforms

    There are various groups on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms where you can search for experienced teachers, and accordingly, you can try to sell your services to them.

  • Understand teaching certifications

    If you like to develop an online tutoring platform for elementary students instead of a high school tutor, look for instructors in those grades. Although this may seem self-evident, many entrepreneurs mistake lumping all tutors together.

Spend time learning the distinctions between assistant and associate professors if you want to work with college professors. Each of these tutors carries something unique to the table, so you must find the right fit.

Wrapping Up

Online tutoring will continue to grow exponentially worldwide. With the growing competition, selecting a dependable alternative for launching a feature-rich online tutoring platform is more important these days.

However, while developing an application your primary focus must be on content and the online tutoring platform, as these are the two important factors that will set you apart from the competition.

While developing an online tutoring platform, it is best to make it interactive and hassle-free for your users. If you have a unique idea for your online education platform, it’s best to discuss it with the development company.

About the Author Sandeep Kumar is a Director at RV Technologies. Having an inclination towards software development, Sandeep always ensures to stay on top of the latest development technologies and how to implement them in real-world projects. He is always ready to share his insight with the developers so that they can also leverage the modern-day tech stack and build futuristic digital solutions for clients. Apart from overseeing all the development projects, Sandeep also likes to write down and share his insights with the world to familiarize people with the latest technologies and their potential in our everyday lives.

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