5 Content Marketing Tactics Your Business Is Missing

April 12, 2017

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Content Isn’t King, It’s The Kingdom!

While many of us agree to the statement, many opposes, and with time, bear the consequences of not adapting to the trend. According to an article published by Content Marketing Institute, the leaders who use Content Marketing experience about 7.5 times more website traffic than those leaders who don’t.

Content Marketing had been introduced in 1993 and was the least used strategy to bring traffic. Gradually, with the evolution of World Wide Web and because every popular search engine begin to use content-indexing to bring the desired searches for the users, this marketing technique has taken over all the other online marketing techniques out there. Its growing popularity and importance can be explained better if we take a look at the results it can bring.

Why Content Marketing Is Important!

Users nowadays are bombarded with higher number of messages and adverts than ever before, which dilutes the impact of traditional channels. Content Marketing has the ability to strike a chord with your customers more powerfully as it’s perfectly customized to their desires and interests. Plus, many internet users have begin to use ad blockers, which, I believe, is a terrible news for the marketers who use advertisements to spread words about their services, and which makes Content Marketing even more important.

Furthermore, let’s dig deeper in what Content Marketing can do for your, as a matter of fact, for anyone’s business.

Say, you’re a director of a law firm that practice in areas like Criminal Defense, Medical Malpractice Litigation, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, etc. You’ve a website developed last year to attract more customers but apparently the business was still lagging this year while the number of customers approaching via offline methods grew a bit.

You want to do better in the upcoming months, so you start to write blogs on your website, targeting the common law-related issues faced by people. Eventually, after writing a few posts, your website begin to rank in Google and other popular search engines.

Within two months, people who are looking for advice in law-related issues, begin to stumble upon your posts, and realises that you also offer the services to deal with those issues. Some of them might want to just read the information on how to deal with them, but might keep your website in mind in case the issue becomes bigger; others throw their hands up in the air as they don’t want to deal with any law-related problems, and decide to rid them using your services—because undoubtedly, you’re more qualified and experienced than they are.

Now, this is just, just, one of the ways Content Marketing can help in bringing business to you. To emphasize more on the eminence of Content Promotion, let’s see some of the statistics shown by the CMI.

  • While Content Marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it generates more than three times as many leads
  • The majority (88%) of B2B marketers use Content Marketing in their marketing strategies
  • Content Marketing drives higher conversion rates.

If these astounding statistics shows anything, in particular, is that the Content Marketing is paramount among all the marketing campaigns that not only create positive, conclusive associations to your brand but also make your brand an authority. Being a CEO of company, I am allowed to run marketing campaigns to grow my business.

I won’t say all of them are fruitful, but Content Marketing certainly is, and below are the techniques–the successful ones–that I use to promote the content of my business to build an audience and not rent that audience.

How To Promote Your Content!

Email marketing

An Epsilon’s report published in the year of 2015, shows that average click rate of the users on marketing emails was 3.9%. The data showed that B2B emails are just not able to generate interests in the users. While the Epsilon data is daunting, certain email marketing techniques, if you apply, can promote your content easily and bring audience to your website.

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  • First comes the structure. The format of your email is important. The simpler it is, the better impact it’ll have on the readers. Anything apart from the link and a few lines of attracting copy is a diversion from the main goal. I use this simple structure–
  • An attractive headline
  • A good graphical Image
  • Teaser
  • Button
  • The behavioral data important to your customer is more important to you because that’s what going to persuade a user to click on your link. Include data pertaining to the users’ demands in the past couple of months. Sending a link of ‘8 tips to hire a right Magento developer’ to a PHP development enthusiast will not tug his/her heart. I go through the previous data of my clients and choose only those who will find my post relevant to their requirements, either in present or in future.
  • Most of the time, marketers write in the third person. These emails lack personalization and are usually considered as sent from behind the cloak of anonymity. What these marketers tend to forget contemplating is that people would rather trust a person than considering a faceless brand. So, it is better to attach your face and name to the email and let your users know that you believe in your own work.

Linkedin Advertising

Did you know that Content Marketing comprises of 56% of the Linkedin’s ad revenue in 2016? The Linkedin’s Sponsored Content pivot has become the back and bones of the marketing campaign for various firms as 80% of the B2B leads are generated via this world’s largest professional network. For those who haven’t heard yet about Linkedin ad marketing—Linkedin allows companies to post their articles or blogs on Linkedin’s members’ homepages using a Content-Marketing product called ‘Sponsored Updates’.

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How Linkedin Advertising Can Help!

  • I personally believe that the Linkedin is the largest professional network available to us. Last year, the network crossed the mark of 450 million members, which suggest only one thing, in specific, is that advertising on this platform can enhance your content-reach globally. Plus, Linkedin allows you to target the right audience with your posts, that goes directly into their Inboxes.
  • With the facilitation of Linkedin’s run programmatic desktop display campaigns, a business can increase their brand’s awareness among prospects’ and be in their minds for future reference.


Along with all other Content Marketing strategies, Webinars can be a big time commitment for both, your audience and your firm. It’s my tenet that educating buyers is the top-most technique to close the business deals, and Webinars allows you to provide an informative, engaging and educative experience to your prospects.

Since your Webinar attendees would be interested in what you have to say, you can customize the webinar content to target directly to their requirements.

Pontificating about the right needs of your attendees in a webinar never comes to the fruition; instead it brings a deeper level of engagement from your targeted audience and a plethora of new opportunities for partnership.

Blog Posting

We discussed above how blogging can drive new users towards your website. It’s to be understood that user-database of a business will not grow unless you reach out to the millions of internet users with something appealing, which only can be done using the right Content Marketing.

Adding a ‘Blog’ tab on your website is a solution to ‘how to bring the new users to your website’. The tab serves as a distinguished place for your visitors to learn and educate themselves. You can even reply to their questions or suggestions, which will positively impact your website’s conversation engagement process for future benefits. The good things about using this marketing technique is the astounding results it can bring to your business even though it is cost-free.

Sales Enablement Content

A report by Ceb Global shows that when buyers come across significant content on the web, they stride 57% of the way via their buy-decision prior to contacting a sales rep. The report explains two important things about the buyers:

  • Relevant content helps them to go ahead with their purchase-decision.
  • Sales representatives can better engage their buyers if they have access to the significant content.

These two conclusions can probably pique anyone’s interest but it’s, literally, bewildering that 76% of the Content Managers don’t use sales enablement content. If only they find an appropriate way to deliver smarter, better content to their sales reps’, can move into the 24% pool. I follow these two principles to ensure my content is sales enabled.

  • Deeply understand the different ‘Scenarios’ by which buyers buy, which enables you to better collaborate with the sales team.
  • Don’t use automation as ‘sales enablement content’ is not just about establishing the API but a lot more than that.

Disconnection between Content Marketing and sales enablement is highly visible to the prospects, which causes sales ineffectuality and Content Marketing ineffectuality. It’s time to pull yourself out of the 76% pool.

P.S: If sales and Content Marketing do not work in symphony, then there just may be no work at all.


While there are many other ways like guest posting, comment marketing, syndication, etc., to market your content, these five techniques stand out when it comes to attracting traffic. Another popular technique that I did not mention because I believe it goes hand in hand with Content Marketing; social media marketing.

Unlike some people who think SEO and Content Marketing are separated, I think they go together, cohere, blend, and sometime, overlap. Yes, they are different at certain areas like SEO is technical and narrower and Content Marketing is holistic and broader.

The important point is: SEO make the demands, and Content Marketing fulfil those demands. The sooner we realise the PB&J concept of Social Media and Content Marketing, the easier it’ll be for us to gain leads and move them down the conversion-funnel. As the new technology and methods continue to evolve, the Content Marketing will always be there.

Keep writing, Keep promoting!

About the Author

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Ranjit Singh is the founder of RV Technologies, a Software Development & Digital Transformation organization. He, at times, authors in-depth guides that teach marketing managers to manage, grow and scale their marketing techniques.

About the Author Ranjit Singh is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at RV Technologies. In the past 10+ years, he has focused on helping clients to expand their business through the best digital solutions. Leading a team of 100+ employees, he knows how to implement the best market practices to transform a client’s business growth and help him achieve dedicated goals.

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