118 Mobile Apps Banned In India- An Opportunity to Dominate the Market For Indian Developers

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  • calendar Updated: October 23, 2020

On September 2, 2020, the Ministry of Information and Technology India announced a ban on a total number of 118 mobile applications including PUBG. While announcing the ban, they stated that they received several complaints against the banned mobile applications for misuse, stealing, and inappropriate transmission of users’ data. They further stated that the banned mobile applications were a threat to the National Security and Defence of India. And therefore, the decision of banning 118 mobile applications was crucial.

Earlier in June 2020, the Indian government also had banned a total number of 59 mobile applications (including TikTok, ShareIT, UC Browser, etc) that were available on Android and iOS app stores. Most of those 59 mobile applications were Chinese. The reason for banning these mobile applications was the borderline tension between India and China.

This ban definitely disappointed some people in India, especially those who were TikTok stars and who were the biggest fans of PUBG. However, they all understood the reason and purpose behind the banning of 118 mobile apps in India.

An Opportunity For Indian Developers

Undoubtedly, the decision of banning 118 mobile applications in India brought disappointments for some people in India, but it also brought a bundle of opportunities for Indian Android and iOS developers. It gave an opportunity to develop the same games as PUBG and TikTok and dominate the Indian market.

The Indian government is also constantly promoting and supporting Indian developers and designers to develop world-class mobile applications. They also have invested a huge amount of money for that. They are highly emphasizing on making India a self-reliant nation by running campaigns like Atmanirbhar Bharat, which promote. And this is a motivation and inspiration for Indian developers.

Today, several mobile application and game developers and game development companies are indulged in the mobile app and mobile game development process so that they can make the best of this golden opportunity. Some big tycoons in the mobile application development industry have already started capitalizing on this golden opportunity by launching world-class mobile applications for both Android and iOS users.

Now, it is your time to capitalize on this opportunity and dominate the Indian market. Let’s know how you can capitalize on this golden opportunity.

How to Capitalize This Opportunity?

The early birds always take full advantage of the opportunities. So, to capitalize on this opportunity, you will have to be an early bird, meaning you will have to quickly develop and launch your mobile app before your competitors.

To develop a productive mobile application, you will have to rightly read and understand the current scenario. You will also have to analyze the impact of the decision of banning 118 mobile applications in India on users. The other thing you will have to keep in mind is the demand of the market. These things will help you come up with a great idea for developing a powerful and effective mobile game and mobile application.

Here are a few more things that can help you in developing an effective and productive mobile application. Let’s take a look at the below-mentioned compilations.

Find Out The Consequences of Banning Mobile Apps in India

Obviously, a huge number of people in India used to use those mobile applications, which are banned now. Most users were addicted to those mobile apps, and so they are currently facing a lot of difficulties due to the announcement of the ban of 118 mobile apps in India.

Now, they are looking for the best alternatives to those apps, and here you need to strike as an early bird. You will have to rightly find out the consequences and difficulties faced by the users due to this ban. You can take surveys, conduct comprehensive research, interact face-to-face with the users, and buy users’ data to know about the consequences of the announcement of this ban. This will also help you understand the current demand of the users. Based on that all data, you can develop a new mobile app as the best alternative to one of the banned apps.

This is another crucial point. While developing your mobile application, you will have to utilize the latest technologies and trends. This is very crucial with the perspective of keeping yourself ahead of your competitors in the market.

If you don’t know much about the latest technologies and their uses, the best option for you is to take professional assistance from a mobile app development India. They will certainly help you a lot in developing a world-class mobile application by rightly utilizing the latest technologies and trends.

Add Some Unique Content

Don’t copy the banned app literally because it won’t be beneficial for you at all. Think out of the box and add some unique content with some unique functions and features in your mobile application. This will surely pay back to you.

The Final Thought

The decision of banning 118 mobile apps in India is actually a golden opportunity for Indian developers and designers. They must capitalize on this opportunity and support the mission and vision of the Indian Government, which is self-reliant India.

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