10 Best Shopify Payment Methods to Use in 2022

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Leveraging the power of refined technology, building customized eCommerce stores becomes easier. A best Shopify Web Development Company can offer you a reliable point of sale system. You can start making lots of money using the world’s most rated eCommerce platform. What you need for that is a top-notch eCommerce website built by the dedicated Shopify Development Company. Fast purchases and quick customer services interest consumers today, and they look to deal with the best firms.

Buyers buy fast if the payment gateway is suitable, so eCommerce traders turn around volumes with more buyers. Therefore, your appealing web gateway may lead your business to phenomenal successes based on the type of payment gateways you will offer to your target audience. So, getting tips from the affordable and legit Shopify Website Development Services could help you skyrocket your profits.

Dropshipping and affiliate marketing are some of the modern-day techniques that yield high rates of return for your investment if you do it right. If you look at the successful e-commerce platform operators, you will notice that they are very familiar with reliable and secure payment gateways. Shopify’s payment gateways, in particular, simplify the business process for those major players in the drop-shipping trade.

What if I don’t use the payment gateway while using the Shopify platform?

If you do so, then you are putting your prospects at stake. Your customers will have a terrible experience while shopping on your Shopify pages. A customer-friendly shopping experience will always be an important determinant of customer loyalty and repeat purchase potential. From that perspective, it becomes an inevitable need for you to choose the best payment gateway that Shopify supports.

The payment gateway you are selecting must be preferable for all, and a well-tested payment gateway facilitates a better shopping experience. From that perspective, some of the top payment gateways appropriate for and supported by Shopify are presented below.

If the payment processor and payment gateway are available on one end, that is the most significant option. Especially because you are selling something on the Shopify app commerce platform, it becomes easier to use this payment process combined with a payment gateway to enable faster transactions. The reliability and success rate of the platform are a proven track record for people to trust and use it. In addition, there is no setup fee.


One of the easiest payment gateway options that are quite swift enough to integrate with Shopify would be PayPal. The beauty is that the operations are unique, and you cannot compare this platform with any other available option. Even the most seasoned users remain devoted to PayPal, and a few intermediates are experimenting with different options. Even though they finally accede to PayPal, it has proven to be the best, especially Shopify.

So, what are the highlights to note down while using PayPal?

  • 98 million merchants find this beneficial and stay loyal to PayPal for Shopify
  • Creating a PayPal Express profile for your check-out profile is pretty simple
  • Accepting payments is easier through PayPal as you can use any of your master and visa services
  • None of the sensitive credit card information should be interpretable. It means high security and safety standards are assured to the people who transact using PayPal for Shopify
  • It is not just another middleman between the buyer and the seller to rely on those third-party gateways. So, for example, while you deal with PayPal for Shopify, you do so with your account
  • The conversion rate is exceeding 88% as of today for merchants who use this reputed payment gateway
  • In more than 200 countries, consumers and merchants are well aware of the brand payment gateway that deals with more than 24 currencies. It means your versatility allows you to transact with international customers. That will enable you to tap into new areas globally with ease
  • Handling improper claims and disputes become easier as special facilities with PayPal have complete control over the entire operation. As a result, every operation can be effectively analyzed at the most fundamental level to resolve transactions that occasionally arise during cross-selling and upselling
  • Commissions are always there regardless of whatever platform you use to deal with Shopify. With PayPal transactions, the transaction commissions cannot be predicted in advance. You will come to know about that with the bill. Some commissions are higher than 80% of the other active payment gateways
  • There are no hidden costs
  • There are no setup or installation fees
  • When the transaction is processed, you are about to pay a fraction as a commission. So, you escape from the investment costs of setting up or integrating PayPal with Shopify. It means you can kickstart instantly without waiting long, even if you have budget issues
  • The demand for this payment gateway internationally in the eCommerce industry has been phenomenal in the past, present, and future. So, any Shopify Development Company suggests this

Shopify payment

The goal of the business, target audience, type of business, security standards, and the market where you are trading are all considered important factors while choosing the best payment gateway for Shopify. From that perspective, the apt fit would be the Shopify payment, and the top Shopify Development Company recommends this too.

As it is meant to Shopify itself, it is simple. Fill up a form, and you are good to go. Transaction commissions of 2.2% are something that anyone will appreciate for such a versatile payment gateway as Shopify Payment. Additionally, if you choose to upgrade your plan, you may reduce the fees for credit card transactions. Remember, major US buyers use credit cards. If you don’t capitalize on that, you lose significant market share.

So, target this Shopify payment. It is easy to get a hold of the massive number of consumers who use multiple credit cards in their daily operations in the US. The Canadian and Australian markets are similar as well. Selling your merchandise internationally becomes easier if you choose this Shopify payment. As the platform is accessible across the globe, you can tap into new territories with ease.

The transaction time is the shortest, and it means just three days is the maximum to get your payments for all the online transactions. You should take payments physically too. There are templates for making orders and tracking payouts. The big markets flourishing today are Singapore, Ireland, and Canada, which you can target using this particular platform. Consult about integrating this with your eCommerce store with the apt Shopify Development Company.


Earlier, it was Sagepay, and now it is Opayo. It takes longer to set up, and you have to wait for a month or even more in some cases.


  • A smartphone is good enough to get payouts, track payouts, and manage orders
  • Accepting payments online is simpler
  • UK-based operations ensure the highest levels of security for British customers
  • Constant support round the clock for the users is a plus
  • Dropping in, checking out, and integrating are all made easier
  • Because of our superior security guarantee, no one can mess around with your payments

There are no commission fees for every single transaction. It means that, regardless of the number of transactions you will make, you pay a flat fee. It means that even if your company hasn’t grown, you still have to pay that small fee that is the same for everyone.

Frequent checks are irritating for the users, as they check the professionalism of the logos, scrutinize the address and personal details, and much more.


South Africans find Payfast the most convenient option to deal with Shopify. Money transfers are instantaneous between buyers and sellers when you choose this online payfast payment gateway. In addition, the currency is widely used in South Africa, apart from the USD, and is the preferred payment method for local merchants.

That is the reason why they chose Payfast. Successful Shopify Development Company suggests it. You get the money sooner, even if you deal with international customers, and you get it in Rands. That is the beauty. Free setup is a plus. There are no monthly fees to pay. Integrating multiple shopping carts into your account is easy. Cryptocurrency transactions are easier. Master and Visa services for all kinds of cards are easy to process when you use payfast for Shopify.


Businesses, large and small, value WorldPay for its security standards and easy-to-integrate features.


  • You can also use card machines to accept payments
  • You can use your smartphone alone to do all the transactions online
  • Web transactions are faster
  • Uptime reliability
  • More than 100 countries recognize the WorldPay option

If the turnaround is more, the commission is the least for you. That is fair in the eyes of quite a few merchants, though. Successful merchants choose WorldPay for the above mentioned reasons, as they see opportunities to save a lot of money by cutting commissions. Moreover, Shopify Web Development Company beautifies your eCommerce platform better. So, you can invest confidently.


If you are selling merchandise in your country or even in major developed nations of the world, then 2checkout is in operation in 87 countries as of now. It merges with other payment gateways to facilitate its users’ operations in some other countries of the world too. When you use 2checkout, your opportunities to broaden your target market and expand your business horizons are limitless. Users of Diner’s Club and American Express are finding this to be an excellent option. It supports all the other major debit and credit cards too.

Alipay Global

Chinese merchants are finding this to be a ray of hope. It is especially true for those Chinese start-ups that do not have foreign currencies in their reserves to trade across boundaries. This is going to be the most suitable option. If you are sourcing your products from the cheap Chinese remote markets and mass manufacturers to cut down on costs, then Alipay will be helpful to complete the transactions swiftly.

Major transactions happen in Singapore and US dollars, while there are 12 currencies in transactions while using Alipay. Hence, safe, easy, and fast transactions for business owners and individual sellers to accept payment through credit cards, assured through Alipay.


Plans for small and large business owners who use authorize.net for Shopify are quite discrete.


  • Card tokenization wins laurels
  • Echeck processing is efficient
  • Variable customer profiling options
  • It has a variety of features
  • The net facilitates diners’ club, AMEX, Master, VISA services, Discover, and JCB

It enables digital payment services. Shopify Web Development Company suggests Apple Pay, and you make big businesses that way. Authorize.net supports that.


This is a good old option that is quite popular among Pakistan’s merchants and freelancers. The operations are from Europe, though. It is still one of the biggest payment systems in Europe. Previously known as Moneybookers, it is now known as Skrill in recent years. More than 40 countries recognize Skrill today. Safe processing is guaranteed. Initially, the setup takes time. The approval comes after detailed scrutiny. Just 1.9% fees are the lowest today for such a secured payment gateway for Shopify. So, trust Skrill. You make better profits. Shopify Web Development Company recommends this.


It is powerful and popular. Merchants accept debit cards and credit cards using the Stripe payment gateway for Shopify. You can customize your tools while using Stripe, which eases the payment process. For example, you could accept wallets, and you can accept credit cards and global currencies too. The charge is 2.7%. Clients who turn around volume should get discounts.

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